starting olb: TBC anyone?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsfan55, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. patsfan55

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    was talking to my dad on the phone today, and he said he heard somewhere, someone speculating that tbc will start next yr

    as of now-based on the depth chart, that is true
    and ive known that the second willie signed with cleveland
    but, i didnt really think about the possibility of him being our starting olb, i just figured wed get someone else

    even if we draft someone tbc will almost def see his pt go up, maybe even be a starter

    he has the tools to become a good starter in our system, maybe it will happen

    when he was drafted he was supposed to be a late first, early second day pick, instead he was a seventh rounder, because he really only fit as a 3-4 olb

    i remember reading an article when he was drafted that his positions coach was same as kabeer gbaja-biamila's (sp?) (another three namer), and that the coach compared the two, but said that tbc was more of a complete player than kgb, and that he thought hed make a better pro

    so, will that coach finally be right
    time will tell, but i think this is prob his last yr to step it up, if he doesnt tbc will prob always be a backup type player
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  2. rookBoston

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    I think TBC is like Jarvis... he can start for us and do a good job, if that's all we have, but it would be better to keep him playing as a contributor off the bench.

    Until someone else is named, TBC or Beisel have to be pencilled in as starting LB. I'm hoping for an upgrade.
  3. MrTibbs

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    Don't be shocked to see the Patriots trade out of round 1. I can see it I'm telling you. If Richard Marshall, Manny Lawson and Chad Greenway fall into round 2 and the Patriots have two round 2 picks in range to nab two of them who would complain?
  4. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I will buy anything else in your post, but this line makes no sense at all. There is no 2-3 round projection who falls to round 7 bcs of his position. So many teams draft on best player/athelte available that he would have been a steal. When he was picked by the Pats nobody considered him a steal. A solid pick? Sure, for round 7. Not a steal.
  5. zippo59

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    Ryan Claridge could also see significant time. He can play both outside and inside LB, and BB was very high on him in training camp last year but them was hurt and placed on IR. He is only in his second year so I don't think he will see starting unless in the case of emergencies, but he could definitely see some playing time.
  6. oldrover

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    He fell in the draft because he had a past altercation with the law that surfaced. Kiper (FWIW) had TBC as one of the top 100 picks that year. I could see a 4-some of TBC, Vrabel, Bruschi, and Colvin. But I don't think that's a step up (or even sideways) from having Mac in there. JMHO...
  7. fierce

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    He was projected as a 3-4 round pick but since the Patriots "target" players alot of people speculated we would grab him a little higher then that. I know I was personally shocked when we grabed him in the 7th round since all I had heard was round 3. Hadn't he torn up his knee or something right before the draft?
  8. Pats726

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    He was injured...was oin PUP till midseason 03...I also think Claridge will defintiely lend a hand to the D.
  9. tkayo

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    I think that BB sees the speed and ability of Ware and Merriman from last years draft and was to aquire a similar player this year. Those guys were rookies last year; and have even seen any kind of play from TBC close to that?
  10. patsox23

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    He was a 'tweener who got injured right before the draft - or maybe at the end of Bowl season or something. Not a good combo. That's why he fell. FWIW.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    Klecko, Klecko, Klecko...!
  12. flutie2phelan

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    As usual with personnel assesment, fans have to be content with analyzing
    shadows on the wall ... while coaches watch everything in 3-D and bright sunlight.

    What is telling is that Piolichick not only let Willie go, without a murmur ...
    but also let Matt Chatham go without an audible murmur.
    Matt, of course, was a role player here (his role apparently being to block in the back on returns.)
    But quite a few of us think he was a real linebacker, humbly awaiting his turn.

    His unit coach seemed to agree, for it was Eric Mangia who brought him to the Jersey Jets to play defense.

    Letting the pair abscond ... strongly implies that Belioli is convinced that somewhere - and they know where -
    among TBC ... Beisel ... Claridge ... and even 2-yr PS-er Alexander ... they have their replacement for McGinest.

    Drafting a good linebacker (or two) would be just the usual re-loading.
  13. chowder

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    I'm a Cal Berkeley alumnus, so i'm definitely pulling for TBC. Plus, he has a great name!!!
  14. zippo59

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    Is Tully his real name? Or is it just a nickname?:rolleyes:
  15. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    tully's his middle name

    first name is jethro.
  16. AzPatsFan

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    TBC was certainly talked of as a Day 1 pick, predraft. I thought there was some issue [character?/injury?] that caused a fall out of Day 1.

    Anyone recall?
  17. PatsFanInVa

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    They had his name changed on his birth certificate to Banta-Cain, so they can franchise it as a spray-on sunburn cure after his athletic career.

    Originator, "Kimo-Therapy"
  18. patsfan55

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    he wasnt a 2-3 rd guy
    he was supposed to be a 3-5 rd guy
    thats what i meant by late first, early second day
  19. patsfan55

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    i agree with your assesment

    its true that we have very lil to work with too
    i wish i had all kinds of films on these guys, and could see them in practice every day, but i cant

    i kinda always liked chatham too, so as you said they must see something in someone on the roster, and not just in the draft prob
  20. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Really? I always thought there was a general consensus that the guy was a solid S/Ter but only average JAG-ish depth at LB.

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