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    Pats WR Morgan joins Hub sports legends
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    Those were some great games they had.. Espically when Grogan took over for a ***** injured Eason.. The Miami game in the OB was on a monday night, and I remember Mark Clayton of the Dolphins saying to the camera's .. Cincy pack your bags.. Back then for those who dont remember, MNF was the only prime time game in town, and it was the last game in the orange bowl, home of the fish.. The Dolphins took a 27 -13 lead.. Tony Eason started the game,but after a fumble, he tried, and I say tried loosley, to make a tacke, but pinched a nerve in his neck, and could not throw.. Enter Steve Grogan, who then ran for a TD , and hit Tony Collins for a 12 yrd td pass... The 86 Pats were not a running team, but the last drive Craig James carried 4 straight times, and got to the fish 34 , which then Grogan to Stanley the Steamer... And the Pats win , and won the AFC East... Those were the days...:rocker:
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    Stanly was the man back then.
    I like these days better, though.
  4. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Dont get me wrong I would not trade these days for anything.. But in high school 85 and 86 were my pats fan salad days..
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    I remember the week after against Denver, Eason totally caved under with a lead. I hated him from that day on.
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    Those were the day's of expecting the team to blow it,some how,some way. I remember thinking no lead is safe. Who was that that broke through the middle for the safety in that Denver game? Rulon Jones or Karl Mecklenberg?
  7. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Rulon Jones... Ugh.. Grogan used to call the plays, and I remember Morgan catching 2 td's in that Denver game.. We should have played Cleveland...
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    Great re-cap, you really nailed it. I remember that game vividly. Watched it with my dad on our crappy TV when I was 13. That was the first big Patriots win that I REALLY cared about. Remember they kept cutting to the Bengals during the game and Boomer made a funny comment that of course Miami would win, they had the second best QB in the league! I loved when they showed the Bengals after the game and Boomer was so dejected.

    It's funny the things that stick with you.
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    Aw yeah - That game was one of the best ever. Final score 34-27. That was one gutsy, phenomenal finish. You said, those were the days.
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    Grorgs and Stanleys best years were prior to Tony Eason's arrival.

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