Stanley Morgan a nominee for Pro Football HOF and why he should get in

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    Not saying he will, this is my argument why he should get in and how he compares against players already in the Hall.


    He is currently 29th all time in reception yards. At the end of the year he may get passed by S. Smith, Andre Johnson and Fitzgerald. However at the time of his retirement his 10,716 yards trailed only Steve Largent (13,089), Charlie Joiner (12,146), James Lofton (11,963 at the time) and Don Maynard (11,834).

    All four are in the HOF.

    Yards Per Catch:

    He averaged 19.2 YPC for his career. That is currently 17th all time. Most of the players ahead of him played in the 50's and only for a few years. The only players with a higher YPC and over 7000 yards are Paul Warfield with 8565 yards and 20.1 YPC, Bob Hayes with 7414 yards and 20 YPC and Jimmy Orr with 7914 yards and 19.8 YPC. Warfield and Hayes are in the HOF. For what it's worth, Lance Alworth has 10,266 yards and 18.9 YPC. Morgan has 10,716 yards averaging 19.2 YPC.

    Comparisons against his peers:

    Morgans career overlapped by at least one year these 11 HOF receivers

    64-77 Paul Warfield 8565 Yards 20.1 YPC 85 TD
    64-77 Charlie Taylor 9110 Yards 14 YPC 79 TD
    65-78 Fred Bilentikoff 8974 Yards 15.2 YPC 76 TD
    76-89 Steve Largent 13089 Yards 16 YPC 100 TD
    69-86 Charlie Joiner 12146 Yards 16.2 YPC 65 TD
    74-83 Lynn Swann 5462 Yards 16.3 51 TD
    74-87 John Stallworth 8723 Yards 16.2 63 TD
    78-93 James Lofton 14004 Yards 18.3 75 TD
    88-99 Michael Irvin 11904 Yards 15.9 YPC 65 TD
    80-95 Art Monk 12721 Yards 13.5 68 TD
    85-04 Jerry Rice 22895 Yards 14.8 197 TD

    Morgan's numbers would rank 6th in total yards 10716, 2nd in YPC at 19.2 and 7th in TDs with 72 among the 11 HOF receivers he played with. His yards would rank 8th among the 28 total receivers in the Hall and his YPC, 4th.

    His first six seasons his YPC averages were 21.1, 24.1, 22.8, 22, 23.4 and 20.9.

    One argument against him will be he didn't win a championship but in his 14 seasons in NE they only had two losing seasons.

    It might be now or never, there is already a backlog of receivers waiting to get in the Hall and they'll all have inflated numbers.
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