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  1. AndyJohnson

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    Both have been in the NFL 5 years.
    Branch has more catches 266-233, or about 7 more a season.

    on those catches Stallworth has more yards, 3516-3469
    Stallworth has 28 TDs to 18 by Branch.
    Stallworth has 60 20+ recepts, over 1 in every 4, Branch has 42, less than 1 in 6.
  2. BelichickFan

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    And Stallworth's numbers were mostly with Aaron Brooks at QB, compared to Branch with Mr. Brady.
  3. PatsFanSince74

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    My first reaction yesterday was to jump on the "why didn't we just pay Deion last year" bandwagon. But, that's water under the bridge. We can't know what would have happened last season if TB had Branch as his number one receiver and to stretch the field. Maybe we would have gone 15--1. Maybe he would have been injured in week three.

    For me, the bottom line is that managing an NFL team is like managing any enterprise. Decisions are made. Risks are taken. Last year, Piolichick made a series of decisions, some of which most of us agreed with. Some of which many of us disagreed with. But, in the end, it's all about the future, not the past. Now, we've got Stallworth and Welker (not to mention Thomas, Brady et al) and a first round pick.

    Was this part of some grand plan or did it just happen? Did Pioli and Belichick sit down after the Bronco's playoff loss two years ago and develop a two year plan that assumed a higher cap this year and that shed several important but expensive players last year in anticipation of spending now? Or, did they just decide in January that they had to make a series of moves because things weren't going the way they wanted? Who the heck knows? I certainly don't.

    Let's start thinking about how the team integrates these studs into its offense and deals with an unaccustomed influx of high priced talent both on the field and in the locker room. That's plenty to worry about and I, for one, have no idea how it's going to play out.
  4. everlong

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    Branch at 6.5M/season

    Stallworth (if it goes the distance) 5.5M/Season + 24th pick in this years draft.
  5. KontradictioN

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    That's exactly what I was going to say. Everyone picks Stallworth apart for his low numbers but people have to remember that he was getting the ball thrown to him by Aaron Brooks. Possibly the worst QB in the league today. Well, scratch that. Grossman is worse.

    Last year, he started off like a ball of fire with McNabb at QB but fizzled out at the end due to hammy complications. This year he has TB throwing the ball to him. Expect big things.
  6. Real World

    Real World Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly. Basically we traded Branch for $1 million bucks in cap space, Stallworth, and a 1st round pick. :D

    Of course, at the cost of a SuperBowl last year. :(
  7. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    I noticed that some seemed to actually think that Stallworth was replacing Branch. Of course that's not the case - BB & SP realize this, and I hope the fans will too.

    Branch was not a true deep threat - though had he been on the team last year would have been the best deep threat we had.

    Stallworth is a deep threat, pure and simple. As Andy's stats show he will keep the secondary deep more effectively than Branch, even given the lower total passes caught.

    Catching a high number of passes is not Stallworth's role. And unlike many teams there usually not one guy on the Pats who takes that role.

    Caldwell and Welker will likely assume that role with Welker likely the preferred 3rd down posession receiver.

    Jackson, should he ever be healthy and a bit productive, could one day be our deep threat too - hence Stallworth's contract can be a short one should Jackson develop well.
  8. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Cousin, That was excellent!

    The CAP thing was my concern. Will we have room for any more defensive signings? You answered some of my questions. A little "D" help might be nice unless the Draft was set aside for that where we are a little older in the tooth. I posted this on another site:

    A couple pieces of French Toast and some real maple syrup, coffee with "creme' brule sweetner(not bad!) and O.J. this morning. It's sunny and I am feeling good about the FO. Am I wrong or is this the best ever FA signing period for any NFL team in the history of "Free Agency"?

    I need help with this CAP stuff. So if the Pats have say $8 million left after all the current FA signings, they need to save roughly $5 million for the draft, which gives them roughly $3 million. They would like to save say $1.5 for SOG signings off the street for depth, ST or emergencies. That leaves $1.5 to sign a Seau or a Hartwell (got a good shot at a potential Pro-Bowl type young replacement if he can get healthy but we have enough depth to bring him around slowly....Cousins, this guy makes sense!) and still be under CAP. Am I correct on this Cousins?

    Mr. "K" guaranteed he was gonna spend to the CAP. He was not "manure-ing" us was he?

    I hear some other jealous other fans of other teams (sorry, no names...just initials like....J...E...T...S....then something, something, something as their chant goes) or even our own Cousins complaining about us now free spending too much like the Redskins. The difference is we are not spending millions on players that do not have the credentials to warrant their large contracts....i.e. The Godfather and "Clemenza" Pioli spend their money on talent and have done their homework. I have an idea that the FO had this CAP thing figered out last year. "Lets see how we do in 2006 with what we have plus or minus and save a little in casholla, and then when the gates are opened up wider in 2007, we have a decent war chest."

    Now if they sign Asante to a LT contract, they already have the room inclusive and if anything the CAP hit goes down. Is that Correct?....If it is, I am cool with giving him a four year deal.

    Hamlin would look good in a Pats uniform at safety too with the cash left. That is a bigger need that we are thinking. You have Gino, who will get hurt no question, Harrison, Hawkins who tries but is metza-metz and Sanders who just not the answer. Landry would be a huge addition but he won't be there in the draft.

    I know, I know..... I am like all of you in NE lets sign everyone for every position (it's called greed) ....Well that's not gonna happen, but wow, if could any of you have dreamed.............

    Well the Pats had the money in 2007 and they are spending it unlike the Skins (wisely Daniel!). Why should they hold it? Interest? As long as 2008 is not a complete disaster, and it appears it is not,...go for it.
    DW Toys
  9. patsfanofNC12

    patsfanofNC12 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I like Stallworth over Branch, and hope he stays healthy so he can beast it.
  10. solman

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    We're actually at $10.7M because Miguel's numbers don't include the June 2nd change to Dillons dead money numbers.

    That leaves us with at least $4M to play around if the right opportunity presents itself.

    That said, if a great opportunity appears that requires $10M, the Patriots are in a position to easily restructure contracts and make the deal.

    Signing Asante to a long term deal will essentially be equivalent to restructuring one of our larger contracts. Trading him will open up over $7M outright.
  11. KontradictioN

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    I used to shake my head at all the people that said Chad Jackson was a bust. Now I'm inclined to agree with them. Less playing time as last season went on and a blown ACL. Most football players, hell most ATHELETES are never the same after tearing their ACL.
  12. kerofaye

    kerofaye Rookie

    This year he has TB throwing the ball to him and Stallworth could fizzled out at the end due to hammy complications again. The problem is his hammy :D
  13. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Apparently I'm in the minority of those who view comparing Stallworth and Branch as apples to oranges?
  14. Flying Fungi

    Flying Fungi In the Starting Line-Up

    what is this 'cousins' thing? you must be from Maine.
  15. teamplay

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    The forest-over-trees issue is that in Stallworth we end up with a every-play deep threat we haven't had since Patten. This is HUGE!

    Keep those hammys limber, Donte'.
  16. danny88

    danny88 Banned

    Stallworth also missed one less game then Branch over his career. The injury talk is overblown. He has missed 4 of the last 44 games. A sore hammy feels a lot better when your situation improves.

    Branch = Stallworth, 1 million less per year in salery and a first round pick...

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  17. The Gr8est

    The Gr8est In the Starting Line-Up

    Been wondering the same thing , personally I find DW Toys has some good points, but I find the "Cousins" thing so I annoying that I've started skipping his posts. For me it's like fingernails on the chalkboard.
  18. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter

    i don't think its apples and oranges, but I do agree that it is irrelevant. what's done is done. or, to quote BB, it is what it is.
  19. patsox23

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    Stallworth in two post-season games last year:

    3 rec, 100 yds (75 long), 1 TD
    3 rec, 41 yds (28 long), 1 TD

    Not bad.

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