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    I'm thinking the Pats should spread the Chargers secondary out with Moss, and Stallworth's speed then throw underneath and up the middle to Welker, Watson, Morris, and Faulk. When the Chargers try and double either Welker or Watson go deep on them. If they go back to playing the deep pass try running Maroney on some stretch plays. I'd like to get some play action working but the Chargers front 7 is to fast to try to many delayed plays like that. I'd like to try and get Morris out in the flat...

    Maybe throw it deep to Stallworth on the Patriots first or second offensive snap? Kind of like what the Patriots did to the Steelers :) Even if it's incomplete it might buy you some space for Watson and Welker to work in the short game. I'm not sure how much room Maroney's going to have running since they are tough to run are against.

    The great thing about using the type of spread the Patriots used against Minnesota last year is that NE has even better weapons for the job this year.

    Those new WR's should be even more effective especially in multiple WR sets. Morris would be good to use on some one RB sets because he's actually a somewhat strong runner and is also a very good receiver out of the backfield. Faulk is a very good reciever but he can't run as strongly as Morris, and while I think Maroney is for sure the best pure RB of the three he's not on their level as a receiver, yet.
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