Sportspickle demunks Brady Foot Misunderstanding

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    Tom Brady Reportedly Walking With Gisele Bundchen, Not a Cane

    Reports today that injured New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was seen walking with a cane are untrue. Brady told a Boston radio show that the apparent cane he was holding was actually stick-like girlfriend Gisele Bundchen.

    "I can understand the confusion and the worry over my health," Brady told WEEI. "But I do not have a cane. I have Gisele. And trust me, she can not support my weight. I have broken her pelvis numerous times."

    Brady also used his radio appearance to debunk rumors that he was spending his off days in New York with a long-haired pre-pubescent boy.

    "Again, that was Gisele. Not a young boy," said Brady. "Sometimes we role play that she is a young boy and that I am a strong, loving Scout master, but that is just role-playing. She is not an actual boy. Just as I am not an actual Scout master -- at least not yet."

    Brady says Bundchen is, in fact, all woman.

    "For someone with the frame of an 11-year-old boy, she has really big boobies," said Brady. "They easily make up 75 or 80-percent of her body weight. Gisele is nothing but bone, skin and tit. That's why I dumped Bridget - she was only bone and skin. I honestly don't know what my son is breastfeeding on."

    The MVP quarterback also made sure to guarantee Patriots fans that he'll be 100-percent for the Super Bowl.

    "Don't worry about me," said Brady. "If need be, I can always go out and get myself a second cane one night to speed my recovery, if you catch my drift."
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