Spent the day at the stadium today in a corporate event

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    A speech and Q/A from Jonathan Kraft, which was pretty good. He doesn't pull any punches in describing the past coaches of the Pats and how they contrast with our current one, or with the "interpretation of the rules" and the other aspects of the "scandal". Then went down on the field, went through the helmet with the music blaring, spent a couple of hours on the turf.

    The entire organization just drips of excellence, in every little detail. Really quite remarkable.
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    What did he say about this? I'm interested in hearing what he said specifically about BB's interpretation of the rule.
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    1) there are two people in the Pats organization that read the rule book changes every year - Coach B and another guy (name I didn't recognize).

    2) When a rule change is black and white, Coach B honors it 100%.

    3) When a rule change leaves some doubt as to what it might mean, Coach B interprets it to his advantage, due to his intense competitiveness.

    4) In this case, if the average football person reads the rule, you could understand BB's interpretation, although it would be a bit of a stretch ("not a 60/40 thing, more like an 85/15 thing."). He chuckled when he said this.

    5) That every team was doing the taping, that cameras are all over the stadiums, and most even doing it this year on the sidelines. That the Jets' approach to handling the issue in this way was different from how such things have been handled in the past, but that's the decision they made and now the Pats are going to pay a heavy price for it.

    In general, he was very positive, very confident, and very clear that it was just part of doing business in the league and that were moving on.
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    Ernie Adams?

    I agree with much of what he has to say.

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