Speaking to ESPN about Brady, Dillon says, "this guy is the truth."

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    Definitely a fun read,thanks..It seems as though Brady is definitely hitting the prime of his career.He knows he is the captain at the helm,and there is no denying the fact that we have one of the best quarterbacks in history leading our team.God Bless ya Tommy..
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    That's the best original article I've read coming out of TC so far. And it's an ESPN guy.

    I read somewhere here in one of the camp reports that Sal had come to camp. How many days was he there ? One, two days ?

    In that time, he:

    - Explodes the Brady-vs-FO myth. Including the missed-practices-for-Deion myth. If anything, he's been pressuring Deion to come back. First time I've heard that.

    - Digs up the deep-ball mechanics thing. Never heard that before either. Explains a lot.

    - He opines that BB has Brady on a pitch count, based on the fact that he's wearing an armband "above the bend of the elbow where a tennis player would wear a brace for tennis elbow". Never heard about that from the local media, who have been sitting there for weeks.

    Why can't our local reporters get that out of Brady ?

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    The deep ball stuff is pretty exciting, a little more consistent accuracy there is one of the remaining things he could do better. A more consistent running threat should help there too, slowing the pass rush and having him more comfortable in the pocket.

    Branch - get your butt in camp.
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    I hope Branch ignores Brady and their friendship falls apart then Brady can tell Branch TO F**K OFF. :D

    Ok I'm dreaming...
  6. Patriotic

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    Nice job by Sal. Thought the text messaging to Branch everyday was another sign of Brady's winning style.

    How's that compared to big bucks Peyton?

    Winner: Daily text messages to your holdout WR urging him to get into camp with his teamates.

    Loser: Blames his text messages being intercepted on his poorly functioning line.

    Dillion's right . . . " this guy is the truth".
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    You stole my thunder. The local media could learn a thing or two from this article. All they want these days is controversy and drama. That was a great article. Good Job Sal. :rocker:
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    I love Dillon, and I love his quotes even more... a classic "This guy is the truth" (could this be a slogan for a marketing campaign haha)
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    Nice article. I really like to hear that a player is his own worst critic. It means that idiocies uttered by the local press can roll right off their backs.
  10. Mike the Brit

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    Me too!

    I thought when BB traded for him that Corey might play pretty well for us -- but I never expected him to be the model of ferocious will-to-win and team-first spirit that he has become.
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    McDaniels knows who he's dealing with here:

  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    Ever since Brady came on the scene he's exhibited Larry Bird behaviour. Like Bird, every off season Brady works assidiously to improve any correctable flaws in his game. Strength, analysis, mechanics, whatever. Like any super successful person, Brady dedicates his entire being to his craft. Maybe not a fun guy to be married to at this stage of his life but certainly someone who can never be counted out when the prize is on the line.
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    Good analogy. Remember the stories about Bird getting into Boston a few days before the rest of the team, obtaining the keys to the Brookline High gym and practicing his passing with those bounceback nets. Sure, he practiced his shooting too, but the passing drills stuck in my mind more. Brady is the same way, as you say.
  14. Drewwho

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    Tom Brady is a pretty special player and person. Of course, we only know what we see and read, but comments like that from you teammates speak volumes!

    yeah, I would say he is the TRUTH!!!!
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    Bird had limited athletic talents, but in addition to improving his skills he also bult up his physique as much as humanly possible. I didn't appreciate Bird enough his 1st couple years because I felt that the press over-rated him and slighted my all time Boston hero Bill Russell. Fortunately, I spotted Brady at Smithfield training camp right away. It was apparent to me but not to the Bledsoe Krishna crowd that 2nd year QB Brady seriously outplayed Bledsoe in 2001 training camp. Obviously BB saw something in 2000 to keep 4 QBs. Also explains BB's confidence in 2001 after the 0-2 Pats lost Bledsoe and 'had' to start Brady against Manning's vaunted Colts.
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    I always thought Paul Pierce was the Truth.
  17. patchick

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    Yep, very glad he's no longer in media boycott mode! He can be a remarkably quotable guy, and funny too. (I'm also impressed how Dillon and Maroney have completely deflected "RB controversy" talk with their public shows of camaraderie.)
  18. jaychamp

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    Faulk too. He knows he's going to lose some PT but is being very professional about it and supporting Maroney.

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