Sox OT: Sox trade Arroyo to Reds for Willy Mo Pena

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsfan55, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. patsfan55

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    great great trade
    pena is only 24 yrs old
    can play rf and cf
    has a lot of power
    will at the very least platoon with trot in rf this yr, playin vs lefties, where he hit .291 last yr

    also, trot's contract is up at the end of the yr, and its a forgone conclusion that the sox wont re-sign him
    so willy mo pena can be the full time rf next yr, or at least battle brandon moss or david murphy for the position

    he k's a lot, and doesnt have a good obp
    but hes young
    and has huge upside

    this is a great trade
    arroyo was at a logjam at starting pitching for us, and someone had to go
    we still have six starters now, which gives us one guy in case of injury
    plus, lester could come up before the yr is over

    overall, i just love this trade
    it gives us five young of's
    (four very young)
    two being cf's
    three corner ofs
    coco crisp
    jacoby ellsbury
    willy mo pena
    david murphy
    brandon moss
  2. BelichickFan

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  3. FreeTedWilliams

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    What about Juan-Gone? Boy that would have been a great pick-up,

    ten years ago!

    Arroyo will forever now be the poster-boy for NOT taking the hometown discount. His agent told him not to sign that deal, and the Sox turn around and deal him.
  4. Tunescribe

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    Another Desperate Housewife has escaped the loony bin, eh? Isn't there a separate forum for such ephemera on this messageboard, precluding the "need" to OT it here? (Cue voice of officer Barbrady) "OK people, move along. Nothing to see here. Move along please ... "
  5. Pats67

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    :D I am a Tunescribe FAN, goddamit. "Ephemera".
  6. PATSNUTme

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    This is really thrilling. It would be even more thrilling if it was posted on the Red Sox board.

    That is located on the page that list the messgeboards. It says Red Sox message board ( post your Red Sox messages here). Or words to that effect.;)

    Then all the people who go there should care about the Red Sox.
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  7. IcyPatriot

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  8. patsfan55

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    blah blah

    i know all this
    the only reason i posted it is sometimes ppl dont check the other boards and like to here this info
  9. Willie55

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    Some people dont like to hear it and could care less about it.
  10. Fanfrom1960

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    Maybe the reason it was posted here is because the guy has pro football size, maybe speed also. Maybe not a Bo Jackson, but a Brian Jordan type. Not really. In any case, lighten up y'all. Got the free agent season blues? :(
  11. mikey

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    But can Mr. Pena play WR?? :(

  12. patchick

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    Threads like this crack me up. All the jumping up and down, shaking fists, shouting till you're red in the face...all the :enranged: and :explative and :violent: ...about how much you "don't care"! :D I do believe there's a faction of the board that loves hating the Red Sox just as much as they love loving the Patriots. No problem, knock yourselves out. (But you'll have to drop the sanctimony about staying "on topic" until the day when cheerleaders in bathrooms are no longer the top threads around here!)
  13. patsfan55

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    like ive said time and time again
    if you dont want to see it or read it
    dont click on the link
    and dont waste my time and yours by posting
  14. BelichickFan

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    The problem is there's about 45 threads that have been posted to today, they go halfway down the second page (for me, anyway). Stupid threads like this get in the way and push Patriots' related ones to the second page that some people may then miss.
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  15. Willie55

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    That's why the two boards are separated so people who don't want to read about the Red Sox don't have to. I shouldn't have to decide whether or not I'm going to click on a link or not. Put it on the Red Sox message board.
  16. Smog

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    I can't believe how tight-assed people get about this stuff. It's a sports message board, not a Papal bull.
  17. sdaniels7114

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    The Red Sox are much too important to be limited to just one small section of this message board. Its springtime g_ddamn it! Besides the Pats have lost all of their good players.
  18. stcjones

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    great great trade......Arroy-yoyo was way too erratic overall to be a pitcher in Beantown......good post
  19. PATSNUTme

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    Was there another incident of cheerleaders doing bad in the bathroom? Hope that I didn't miss it.
  20. PATSNUTme

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    Sorry, it's a Patriots message board. Unless I missed the part when we changed to

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