Something that all 4 Patriots draftees have in common

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    Bequette,Wilson,Jones and Hightower were all defensive captains of thier respective collegiate teams in 2011

    I could see a reason why the surprise guy Wilson was drafted was that he showed leadership skills enough to make him a captain.

    Perhaps Belichick has seen a lack of leadership on the defensive side of the ball and wants to secure a solid and tight locker room going into the next several years with high character guys and ones that were chosen by their collegiate coaches to captain their team.

    Sounds to me that besides football talent and fundamentals,character and leadership definitely played a role in all 4 selections and obviously guys who were held in high esteem enough to make them leaders of the defense.

    We have had enough slugs like Adalius Thomas,Haynesworth and perhaps even a disgruntled Randy Moss potentially bring down the locker room or at least interrupt the routine and it was time for a change and I like the fact that these new guys are the future of the NE Patriots and hopefully will be a tight defensive bunch when the season is on the line.
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  2. TyronePoole

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    I kept thinking throughout the day about how with character guys like Mayo, Wilfork and McCourty (and maybe Chung or Ras-I though I feel like I don't know enough about them), they're now adding in more skilled leadership guys who I think all seem very intelligent and who all seem to have been described as having "relentless motors." I have to think there will be some kind of intangible bonus from that mix.

    I mean how often do you see a group like that without sacrificing talent and physical ability? It's certainly not the same as having a defense full of try hard UDFAs and it's not the same as having a bunch of hard hitting morons who all hate each other (Jets). It's a really interesting blend of good traits that I don't think we've seen for a long time if ever.

    I bet they pick up things surprisingly quickly after a full TC and in turn Belichick will be able to be more of an artist with the D and less of a repairman worrying about how to patch things together. At least that's my hope even if none of them individually turn out to be an all world game changer.
  3. KevinFaulk-33

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    I think this is the third or fourth consecutive draft in which we choose only college team captain. Also last year Solder, Dowling, Ridley, Vereen and Mallett were captain. Same with McCourty, Spikes, Chung etc..
  4. Fencer

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    It seems as if anybody the Pats draft (except perhaps for late-round fliers) will be:

    • One of the best players on their college teams.
    • Smart, high-character, hard-working, etc.

    I.e. -- captain material.
  5. DarrylS

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    On many occasions they have a football pedigree, i.e. their father or older brother is also involved in the game as a player or a coach.
  6. zoostation

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    BB has put a focus on leadership since the 2010 as he couldn't get the 2009 team 'buy in' to his system. This was mostly due to the exodus of several of the championship era leaders (Harrison, Vrabel, Bru, Brown).

    2010, 2011, 2012 drafts mostly captains and All-Americans. Once strong leadership is reestablished, BB can take a few chances on non leader draft talent as the 'character guys' will be there to keep them in line.
  7. State

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    Leadership abilities is what makes a difference.

    But in the case of Illinois sending four guys in the top 48 in this year's draft, something they seem like they're successful at year after year, yet going 2-6 in Big Ten play last year, shows me a team with poor coaching and underperforming athletes.

    Michigan State with inferior talent but superior team play--thanks largely to coaching--beats them more times than not.

    Ron Zook has been fired. He could recruit 'em, that's for sure. But as for coaching 'em...

    That may or may not work in Tavon (pronounced TAY von) Wilson's favor. He certainly looks the part, has good speed--though not as fast as Trenton Robinson of Mich St--and has been durable. Just not a lot of notoriety.

    His honorable mention all big ten accolades came not from the coaches but from the Mel Kipers of the Big Ten. That is to say the media people.

    The Patriots scouting department is as much on trial here as the player.
  8. DarrylS

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    Just checked Bequette was not only a co-captain, but also his father and grandfather played at Arkansas.. which speaks to the pedigree.
  9. randomk1

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    Versatility and character.
  10. DarrylS

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    Why are they on trial?? Seems that the past several drafts we have added 16players to this team, that is very high percentage of new guys.. and most have contributed.

    Wilson may be a diamond in the rough, or a washout.. the reality is that second round draft picks are a crapshoot, check out the histories of comparable teams.. there are a whole bunch of guys who did not make it.

    Check out Green Bay's second round pix..

    The Green Bay Packers recent 2ndround picks..

    2011.. Randall Cobb
    2010.. Mike Neal.. oft injuried
    2009.. no second round pick
    2008..Brian Brohm.. no longer in the NFL
    Patrick lee.. marginal player
    2007..Brandon Jackson.. marginal player now with the Browns.
    2006...Darren Colledge..starting O lineman now with the Cardinals
    Greg Jennings
    2005..Nick Collins.. a pro bowler on IR
    Terrence Murphy retired from the NFL..

    Pittsburg's 2nd round pix..

    2011.. Marcus Gilbert..OT currently starts for the Steelers
    2010.. Jason Worilds.. playing ok, but seems to be a work in progress
    2009.. no second round pick
    2008.. Limus Sweed... has been waived
    2007.. Lamar Woodley.. great pick
    2006.. no second round pick

    Fans need to look at the draft longitudinally, as there are as many hits as there are misses..

    SONS_OF_BELICHICK Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    IN college......just because you have good coaches or good captains ...doesnt mean you will be successful. You need talented soldiers who can and will follow and execute. Sometimes recruiting is a crapshoot...just like the draft is. But you do the best you can based on your evaluation of the player. It doesnt matter what other people say. As a coach, you best know how that player fits into your scheme. So give this kid a chance.....
  12. Urgent

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    Another thing these four have is extreme positional versatility.

    Chandler Jones - DE/OLB - can line up and rush the passer, or stand up as an athletic OLB
    Donta Hightower - OLB/ILB - has lined up at all LB positions, most experienced as an ILB but many here are projecting him at the 3-4 SAM.
    Tavon Wilson - CB/S - player who flipped between corner and safety, with a focus on special teams
    Jake Bequette - DE/OLB - college DE who played LB at the Senior Bowl and performed the LB drills at the combine, also played TE
  13. ctpatsfan77

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    Actually, I place about 90% of the blame on Afailius Thomas.

    He stopped drinking the Kool-Aid, AND realized that no matter what he did, the Patriots could NOT cut him, so he turned into a locker-room cancer.
  14. zoostation

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    That theory is not completely untrue, but imo no way was he 90% of the problem. Even if Thomas was the leader of the players with a bad attitudes (or cancer as you say), the followers who in turn don't give 100% are to be equally blamed.

    All American's and Captains don't follow...they lead.

    And the Patriots DID cut AD
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  15. ctpatsfan77

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    (A) They cut him AFTER the 2010 season began, when it became mathematically possible to do so. My point is that he couldn't be cut (or traded) during the 2009 season. I honestly believe that if BB could have sent Thomas to KC instead of Vrabel, he would have.

    (B) I didn't say he *was* 90% of the problem. Merely that I lay 90% of the blame at his feet. ;)
  16. mrscruff

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    Marriage material!


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    If you don't have 100% focus on winning a championship in the locker room,you usually don't achieve that goal.

    Ask any championship team of how close and tight their group was....if you even have one or two players not focused and doing stupid things,it can ruin what all the others want to accomplish.

    And usually to get a full group of players to want to win and not just make money in football,you have to have leaders in that locker room to get motivation going to get to the promised land.

    I don't believe there has been a true leader on defense since Harrison and Bruschi left and I think Bill is trying to get those types of players back on his team.
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  18. manxman2601

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    They're also all from FBS teams.

    All those hankering after Trumaine Johnson or Brian Quick were probably wishful thinking. Certainly in the early rounds, BB will take prospects from biggish schools in the bigger conferences.
  19. zoostation

    zoostation In the Starting Line-Up

    (a) ???? he was cut April 2010

    (b) isn't that the same thing?
  20. Bravo777

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    I was going to say that they all play football, but I guess I was wrong!
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