Some strange analyis on Pats/Chargers

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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    New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers - Adam Duerson -

    Odd. By old he means last yr. Whereas old should ideally mean pats of 2001 to 2005 which is what they resembled in the jets game.
    This article is an example of what the national fanbase gets to read and form an impression on.Not to mention he also mentions this
    so simple...anyone can run it. All 32 teams should just run wildcat from now on. Iam waiting to see which defense busts this new offensive infatuation.
  2. SoCal Pmen

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    There is some truth to what he says. However, this team is a lot different because there's a marked improvement in the receiving and running backs. I don't think any of those past receivers or running backs would have cracked the starting lineup today. I'm also not convinced today's defense is as strong as the 'old' defense.
  3. TheComeback

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    It seems to me that his reference to the "Patriots of old" is ambiguous enough to refer to almost anything. I agree with you, though, they seem to be playing the Pats of 01 and on. Let's just hope that means we continue to win games.
  4. MoLewisrocks

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    Actually for a national mediot I thought that was a pretty thoughtful analysis. His scouts seemed to nail it on Classy while forgetting that Gates and Rivers (and #1 WR Chambers) appear to have issues. As Felger might opine, not sure you can burn defenses and avoid sacks by getting rid of the ball quick while simultaneously standing firm in the pocket while your receivers get open - particularly not with a cranky knee...
  5. alamo

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    I liked that article, especially this part:
  6. I agree. It's interesting how many natinal mediots seem be getting off the Chargers bandwagon and calling them out as overrated whiners.

    I guess LT just doesn't do it anymore.
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