Some still left: Spencer Havner, Kai Parham, Martin Nance, Conor Hughes

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  1. patsfan55

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    Nance-huge (6'5") target, who can run, not great separation, but can find the wholes, can catch in traffic, he kinda reminds me of a taller david givens, dont know why he wasnt drafted, was supposed to be taken in the first day, id love to see him brought in

    parham-played ilb in al groh's defense, could be good fit in ours, why not give him a shot

    Hughes-top rated kicker by some, why not bring him in for a three person competition
  2. bigrichard93

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    id like to see them get Nance and Havner. Nance would be a nice addition to the red zone offense and Havner would be another underrtated LB. The Pats havnt had a good tall receiving threat in a while and Nance would give that to them. Parham has experience in the 3-4 and could be a good run-stoping ILB.
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  3. primetime

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    What about the UCONN basketball player who wants to be a TE? I mean obviously we have enough TEs now but might not be bad for the practice squad.
  4. stevedogc

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    I agree with Havner. I really hope they get him. Also, Pat Ross-C-BC and Taureen Henderson-RB-Texas Tech would be nice additions.
  5. chowder

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    i'd like to get any or all of those people you listed!

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