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Some minor game thoughts

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFaninAZ, Jan 15, 2007.

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    If the Chargers had won, I think the play of the game would have been the 3d and 7 with about 10 minutes left. They ran a slant for 12 yards in a one point game. It was a great play and almost impossible to defend, and Rivers showed some of what I think is going to make him a great quarterback. They also ran the play after the delay of game clock had expired, but it seems almost like these days in the NFL you get an extra second before they call it. There used to be a quick trigger.

    Seemed to me that in the second half, unlike the first, we were getting some decent yardage on first down, but our play calling was a bit mystifying. I did not like the play that was called in what would have been the second most important play of the game if the Chargers had won -- we were on their side of the field in a one point game and had a 3d and 2, and Brady almost threw a pick on the out to the sideline. It's just strange to me that a team that was the two-headed running monster that we were at one point this year did not look like it even considered trying to pound out a first down. I thought the most impressive part of the Colts win on Saturday was that they took over with about 7:00 minutes to play and basically ran out the clock with their running game and a six point lead. We did some of that earlier in the year, but don't seem to think we have the personnel to do it now.

    The Chargers 2d timeout, as others have noted, was incredibly mystifying and a huge gift.

    The big catch that Watson made at the 4 yard line on the drive that tied the game at 21 was a fantastic play that seems to be lost. One of those examples of how tv coverage affects how you remember a game. Until rewatching the 4th quarter on tivo, I had pretty much forgotten about that play, because there was no replay shown and Nantz and Simms didn't even mention it. But it was a fantastic catch on a ball that was not perfect by any means. Pretty good for a guy who had hands of stone-itis a bit in this game.

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