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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatriotsReign, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Got this from a friend and thought I'd share it with y'all....

    You know THE HONEYMOON IS OVER when the Liberal comedians start their monologues with:

    The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.
    We agree . . . and think 25 to life would be appropriate.
    Jay Leno

    America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi
    needs a Halloween mask.
    Jay Leno

    Q: Have you heard about McDonald's
    new Obama Value Meal?
    A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you
    has to pay for it.
    Conan O'Brien

    Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with
    a convicted felon?
    A: A fund raiser.
    Jay Leno

    Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet
    and a penitentiary?
    A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats
    to society. The other is for housing prisoners.
    David Letterman

    Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle
    of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?
    A: America !
    Jimmy Fallon

    Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
    A: Bo has papers.
    Jimmy Kimmel

    Q: What was the most positive result of the
    "Cash for Clunkers" program?
    A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.
    David Letterman
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    Now they're all saying what I (Harry Boy) was tring to tell them in 2008.

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