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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by manxman2601, Mar 17, 2013.

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    I hope you don't mind the indulgence, but I'm going to use this thread to put down some random draft thoughts as they come to me. Hopefully you'll find some interest and some worthwhile debating points.

    I want to start with some intriguing day 3 picks that I think could be really interesting as potential Patriot picks.

    I want to start with someone that I think could be the most perfect Patriot pick in the whole draft:

    Jordan Kovacs, S, Michigan


    An interesting back story to his Michigan career can be seen in the video below. It demonstrates the work hard, team player, over achieving ethic that strikes me as being Patriot-like in spades.

    Jordan Kovacs Feature Story - YouTube

    Following his early trials, he went on to become one of the leading tacklers in Michigan history and Senior Captain. He ticks pretty much every box intangibles-wise for the Patriots but it was his pro-day that really made me believe he's in strong consideration as a late round pick for us:

    Michigan Pro Day results: Denard Robinson catches everything, Jordan Kovacs bumps draft stock -

    This earned him a private workout with the Pats.

    Kovacs is an outstanding tackler, plays with maximum effort and strikes me as one of the smartest players football-wise available in the draft. I've seen him cover the slot, although he's not an outstanding coverage safety by any means, and he has the instincts and intelligence to put himself in the right position to make plays in both the run and passing game.

    I could see him being drafted late on day three, maybe even a UDFA, that can be brought in to compete with Nate Ebner and could be an excellent special teams player. And with Gregory and Adrian Wilson likely both gone within the next couple of years can be groomed to be the harder hitting partner for McCourty.

    Kovacs is an ideal Belichick guy.

    And BTW, check put the play at 1:18 in the video I linked. One of my favourite defensive plays I've seen this year. That's a player prepared to lay himself out for the team.
  2. manxman2601

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    Next is a prospect that is arguably the most famous in College Football:

    Denard Robinson, WR/RB, Michigan


    Two things first:

    1. I wouldn't be that interested before day 3

    2. I don't think of him as purely a WR which is what he wants to be.


    I'm wondering whether Denard Robinson could replace some of the production of Julian Edelman and Danny Woodhead combined. Robinson is one of the most dynamic and exciting players in CFB and whilst he doesn't possess the skills to be anything more than a luxury weapon on an offense I can certainly see him as being a very good punt returner and occasional WR like Edelman as well as someone who could get big yards out of the backfield against a defense spread out like Woodhead does.
  3. EwanSellars

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    Here's one

    Frank Beltre DE Towson

    Frank Beltre - Ultimate Highlights [HD] - YouTube

    This kid is an absolute animal 3 time all caa and is extremely underrated this guy would be perfect in the 7th round and I think would be a huge steal if we could get him here.
  4. doesntmatter1

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    An underrated guy I would like to throw out there is mallicah goodman, DE Clemsom. He seems like a weaker version of alex okafor. He defends the run pretty good to go along with some decent quickness. He had a breakout game against LSU, but after watching him in other games I see no reason why that one LSU game couldn't occur on a more consistent basis with a little developing.
  5. State

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    Nick McDonald's younger brother, Chris, who can play center or guard. He put up 31 reps at 225 at his Michigan State pro day to allay fears of a lack of strength.

    Michigan State pro day: Chris McDonald makes most of chance | Detroit Free Press |

    He was looking like a free agent. Now, I think he's brought himself higher up, as a draft pick late in the process.

    His play was crap this year, despite his wealth of experience and talent. But he just may have had one of the worst position coaches, Mark Staten, as his offensive line mentor. The MSU O-line kept making the same stupid mistakes throughout the entire year.

    So McDonald is gonna give you good value. Trust me.
  6. ctpatsfan77

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    This may be the biggest reason he doesn't end up a Patriot. That said, I could see a scenario where they take Kovacs and have him replace, say, Cole or Koutouvides.
  7. stelfans

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    That Kovacs kid was a great find manx..another eheh.

    Dont think they'll get another safety after drafting 2 last year and signing another FA this year but who knows..

    He definitly looks like the perfect patriot target.
  8. mackenzie45220

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    I'm also a Kovacs fan.
  9. captain stone

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    I still can't rationalize using a draft pick on either Kovacs or Robinson, but I would be very, very
    interested in signing them as UDFAs.
  10. Leemo

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    didn't we privately workout Jordan Kovacs?
  11. manxman2601

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    Yes. (we did - stupid 10 char. rule)

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