Solomon's quick camp competition breakdown

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    The thing I like is he seems to be more like us when he says things like the CB competition will be a "fun spot to watch." Too often the media seems to take the doom and gloom "what will they do approach." I look at it as a chance for guys to step up and make a difference. You can't tell me Hobbs isn't looking forward to asserting himself as the #1 guy in the secondary. Samuel should feel the same way. If the players don't go all out to win a job in TC then do we really want them being out there when it's for real? Makes going to watch that much more interesting. The battles between the guys ay WR against the gus at CB all competing for jobs will be the best in camp IMO.
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    My favorite quote---

    Poteat bounces back from cuts like a prizefighter.

    Go Hank!:rocker:
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    hmm he said Dont be suprised if Roach makes the team. guess theres something in store for us to watch for eh?

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