So who wants to talk to me about Reggie Bush now?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by KontradictioN, Oct 6, 2008.

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    After Week 1, there was a few people talking around the forum about how Reggie Bush was a bust. I came in stating that basically, Bush did not look like a bust and he has not since. I actually get quite a few Saints games around here for some reason (I think it's due the reasonable proximity to New Orleans but whatever). I then got crucified by a couple of people for saying this and their stance was that basically they drafted Bush as a running back and he wasn't a true running back. :confused: I then came back to say that he was a playmaker and could hurt you in so many different ways. Then the argument proceeded down the sophomore slump path.

    Anyway, now that the game is in front of a national audience, look at Bush. He's had relative success running outside the tackles, he has to be game planned against in the short running game and has had his usual success there, and he has absolutely murdered the Vikings in the punt return game. As of right now, Bush's punt return yard total is one yard shy of the Vikings' total offensive output. So yeah, I'm just basically coming in here to give myself a pat on the back and to poke all of you haters with a stick. :cool:
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    Bush is suffering from all the hype he got comming into the league and rightly so.

    Bush is a talented player "IN SPACE" ie kick returns, quick toss, sceens ect.

    But that is not how he was hyped and the Bush PR people are as much to blame for this as the media is. His people over hyped him and his skills to win fat product indosement contracts.

    So in the view of many he is not living up to the superman expectations bestowed upon him by the media and his own PR handlers. Unfornuately the average fan only has what the media gives them. So in the eyes of many Bush is producing less then he was billed to produce, therefore he is a bust.
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