So whats the hopeful safety tandem this year??

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by theONLYJerseypatsfan, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. theONLYJerseypatsfan

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    For me its Sanders and Harrison...I was watching a bunch of the 2006 season and playoffs off my TiVo and it seemed that everytime sanders lined up to blitz he hit his target
  2. mgteich

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    Neither Harrison nor Sanders can play free safety.

    I expect and hope to see Wilson and Harrison.
  3. dryheat44

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    Yeah. I'm not sure why we wouldn't want our Super Bowl combo back there. In 2008, it will likely be Meriweather and Sanders.

    Safety blitzes are nice and all, but I'm not basing my starting personnel group on a situation that happens maybe 3 times a game.
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  4. Ratoath

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    i agree on both 2007 and 2008 here. i really like sanders, and i'm happy with the depth at S this year
  5. bbabin

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    I was wondering about this for last year and now this year. Do you think Belichick will call some safety blitzes in an attempt to get Rodney into the 30, 30 (sack, int) club? He only needs 1.5 more. It seems like something that he might do, along the lines of the Testaverde TD and Flutie drop kick.
  6. BelichickFan

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    I'm with you - for a short time. But Wilson hasn't made a play of note (other than chasing guys from behind) for several years now - as he's a UFA in 7 months, and has his sugar Daddy Harrison back, I expect a big year from him - but I wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug and put Meriweather in if we're getting more of the same from the Safety formerly known as Geno.
  7. BelichickFan

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    I don't think he'll do it for that reason but Harrison has great blitz insticts, he'll get the sacks if healthy - especially as he can blitz and Thomas can drop back into coverage more realistically than our LB last year.
  8. dhamz

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    The hope is obviously Wilson and Harrison but after the last 2 years there is not much reason to think both will be there by season's end, nevermind both of them. Fortunately the Pats have Sanders and Meriweather to step in if (when) there is an injury.
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  9. everlong

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    Assuming Assante plays 16 games....

    The starting safeties will be Harrison and Wilson but with how injury prone they have been and with Harrison's age I wouldn't be shocked to see Sanders and Merriweather taking 20% of the snaps from game one to keep them fresh. I think Hawkins and Scott will see much less action.

    I think Gay, James and Merriweather compete for the nickle spot.

    Assuming Assante doesn't come in until week ten.....

    I think there competition between James, Wilson, Gay, and Merriweather at CB and if Wilson doesn't win that job he's the starting FS if he wins it Merriweather goes to FS.

    I do not see Assante sitting out the season.
  10. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    I thought the Pats signed Adalius Thomas as the future FS? This is just getting too confusing. :confused:
  11. PatsFan37

    PatsFan37 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    everlong has a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull Harrison every so often to substitute Sanders both to keep Harrison healthy and to keep Sanders sharp. Sanders is good enough that the drop off isn't as much as people think.

    Meriweather will get his game reps as nickle back. There's no reason to have him sub for Wilson unless he flat out beats him for the position, in which case he'll start. That might happen toward the end of the season, but I doubt it, Wilson has been a pretty good FS and he's in his contract year. Plus, there's enough experienced depth at FS that Meriweather might not be first off the bench in a close game where a savvy QB might pick on a rookie safety. If Asante is at corner, Chad Scott might play FS if Wilson got hurt.

    For all the whining I've heard in the media about weakness in the secondary, it's a deep and versatile roster. I'm still a lot more worried about depth at RB.
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  12. theONLYJerseypatsfan

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    Anyone in the media whining about the secondary weakness is a long as "get paid" is there on week 1 we have one of the best secondary units in the league.

    Speaking of it true that the tattoo actually says "get rich to this" or something like that...not "get paid"
  13. PatsFan37

    PatsFan37 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    You're thinking corner. If Asante holds out, Thomas starts opposite Hobbs. And everyone thinks the F.O. doesn't plan ahead. :rolleyes:
  14. PatsFan37

    PatsFan37 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    That's what they say, and if it's true, remember that "get rich to this" is a saying that has nothing to do with money. It's the kind of thing you'd say to a receiver when he faces you again after a bone-jarring hit.
  15. theONLYJerseypatsfan

    theONLYJerseypatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    please dont hold this lack of knowledge against me............what the difference between free and strong it that one serves more pass defense and one is more for run defense??
  16. AzPatsFan

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    Fans are always late. We remember what a player was. Successful Coaches who use veterans, like George Allen and to a degree Bill Belichick, must be ruthless and always conscious in determining whether a player still has it.

    Both would not hesitate when a player couldn't do it, to remove him.

    There were several players who were kept on the roster, but their playing time declined dramatically. These were team leaders who added something intangible to the locker room. Think Anthony Pleasant.

    Harrison fits in this category, IMHO.

    Don't forget that a good Coach, ex Patriot Marty Schottenheimer, thought he had lost it FOUR years ago.

    Wilson and Sanders are the starters. Meriwether and Harrison will be the prime reserves, but Meriwether has to earn it over the course of the season. Hawkins will begin as the prime second line reserve with Rodney.
  17. patriot lifer

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    Harrison, Sanders, Wilson, Hawkins, Meriweather
    Samuel?, Hobbs, Scott, James, Gay

    I have to say that I'm pretty confident going into the season with these guys. There's good depth and competition. not to mention the pass rush will make them look better.
    How many safeties and cornerbacks are we expected to take?
  18. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Sanders is a better SS than a FS, and Meriweather is a better blitzer than Sanders. Honestly I want Meriweather either starting out as the starter at FS or gradually working his way into that role as the season goes along, with Wilson being the other option at FS. At SS if Rodney's healthy he's starting, and Sanders should be his backup. Sanders could also rotate with Rodney a bit to help keep him fresh. Meriweather can also play SS if he's needed there.
  19. ctpatsfan77

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    Others may be able to say it better than I can, but your guess isn't far off--the strong safety covers the "strong" side of the field (the side with more offensive players), while the free safety tends to be further back and is "free" to go to whichever side the play ends up going toward. Thus, of the two, the strong safety tends to be more involved in run plays, and the free safety more involved in pass plays.
  20. theONLYJerseypatsfan

    theONLYJerseypatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    thanks brotha

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