So, what are Bengals Fans thinking about the game?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by sbcpats70, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. sbcpats70

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  2. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Well, at least the fans are using karma for all it is worth! :D
  3. patchick

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    At least some of them have a sense of humor. I liked this prediction:

    The Bengals will score on 2 FG and a safety, Brady steps on the back endzone line while connecting on a 99 yard touchdown pass that is called back. With our secondary, he is not afraid to pass from anywhere on the field.
  4. shmessy

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    Part of me can't wait for the Colts, Steelers, Cowboys, etc.

    It's kinda painful to watch the hurt fans of Cinci, Buffalo and Cleveland (but NOT those of Miami or NY!!!!!!!).
  5. BB_dynasty

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    yeah, i feel bad for cinci and buffalo.
    I actually sort of like Cinci, Chad Johnson is my favorite non-patriot. he is fun to watch, and has a sense of humor.
  6. Isaac

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    They are 6-10 since the Patriots last went to Cincinatti. Hard to think of them as a cellar-dweller team again.
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  7. Gwedd

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    I agree. As much as i want NE to win against Buffalo, I do feel for those guys with the injuries they have. They were having a hard enough time with some matchups, but they've taken a huge slew of hurt so far and that's fonna bother the rest of the team for quite awhile as they adjust things to go with what they have left.

    What worries me is their new running back. In a year or two, if Buffalo gets a good O-line, that kid could cause lots of problems for everyone in the division.

  8. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    How about the "no zone" defense?? 77-17. They aren't too confident. I think most teams are going to feel defeated before they even step on the field with you guys.
  9. BadMoFo

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    This should be an interesting game. I think their defense will not be able to stop us, but this will be the first time we face a team whose passing game can actually keep up with ours. I don't think the Bengals are as good a running team as they've been in the past, and I expect to see Maroney/Morris to have another solid game this week.
  10. MrClutch

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    Well, they certainly seem to have more realist fans than other teams. :)
  11. Bertil

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    History has chastened them...

    My favorite line?

    "Pats will lead 35 - 0 at the half and win a squeaker ... 52 - 10."
  12. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    "Bengals Football Discussion for BENGALS FANS ONLY. Visiting team fans please keep your postings in one of our other forums."

    What I wouldn't give...
  13. spacecrime

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    I am sensing a trend here in the forums of other teams.
  14. BDDFC

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    Come to and take part in any discussion you want.
    Just keep the smack in the smack forum and you can talk about anything you want.
    We even have a Pats fan on staff. Really. PatriotRon is mod.
  15. JJDChE

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    Man, those are some self depracating predictions. Even the uber-homers on the board are predicting 3 point wins. Usually at least a few people pick a wacky lopsided victory for the home team. Nope, they've accepted their fate.

    Honestly, I think a lot of teams are going to go into the game with us already feeling defeated. Or at least worried. When a coach of those opposing team comes out and says "This is a team with no weaknesses, we knew we could be in for a long day." That's a bad sign. If you doubt yourself in the NFL you've already lost.

    And, to tell you the truth, Cincy's offense scares me. Palmer has generally excelled against us and CJ & TJ are about as good as it gets for WR tandems. I think our defense will stop their offense more than they stop our offense, but I could definitely see this becoming a shootout.
  16. atomdomb

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    i agree. our secondary has yet to be really tested this year and if palmer can get time he is good enough to pick anyone apart. that being said we will win by 17. 41-24.
  17. I assume that the Cincy fans are thinking their team has a good chance of becoming 1-3. I do like the chance of the Pats defense getting an early test of a good offense. Assuming Rudi Johnson returns from injury (which has had some success against the Pats) could keep NE's defense on their heels. We all know the Begals WR's are very good and could give NE's secondary problems.
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  18. bungholio

    bungholio Rookie

    I am a Bengals fan and the game should be interesting...
    Monday Night Football, in Cincinnati, Bengals licking their wounds after losing 2 last-minute heartbreakers in a row on the road...

    But quite honestly, I have never seen a team that was already good reload like the Pats did this past offseason. And has it paid off! You guys are destroying teams!

    That said, I look for a close, competitive game. The Bengals defense is really banged up, especially at LB, and quite frankly, they aren't that great even when healthy.

    But, they were good enough for us to win that game against the Hawks yesterday, but our offense had some miscues, penalties, etc, etc.

    It should make for a great MNF game, though.

    Good luck guys.
  19. PlattsFan

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    I said in another thread that I think this game will have the Pats confront the first really above-average unit they've seen yet: the Bengals offense. I'm interested to see if they can dominate on the opposition on that side of the ball as thoroughly as they've dominated every other area of each game.

    That said, there's no way the Bengals can stop the Patriots offense, so the Pats will still toy with the Bengals overall. But at least it may have some drama to it instead of watching the Patriots stomp around the field on offense and defense.

    Not that I'm complainin' ... :eat1:
  20. Bella*chick

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    I'd never underestimate that Bengals offense. They are just explosive. Should be an interesting test for secondary. I do wish this was a Rodney game!

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