so, new to this board, i have a huge favor to ask!

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by GraphiteGray, Jan 14, 2012.

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    hello guys, my name is Robert and i live in Baltimore md :(. ive been a pats fan for a good part of my 27 years on this earth, but i have never been to a HOME pats game...

    so, im planning (as long as my buddy lends me the money) to come to the AFC championship game!! just me, the wife is staying at home...

    heres my questions and favor... i have to fly into logan right? and i looked at google maps and determined that a cab ride down to the stadium would be really expensive.... so i was wondering, if anyone lives near logan, could possibly maybe pick me up at the airport on their way down to the game? i would be happy to contribute some money for gas and whatnot. we can chat on the phone obviously before hand. i would be flying in on sunday morning (landing at around either 9 or 11 (depends on what i select tonight) and leaving monday morning (i would just need a ride back to the logan area and ill grab a motel for the night and catch a cab to the airport....). im just bringing me and a bookbag with extra clothes...

    so...cliff notes version, if anyone that lives in the boston area wouldnt mind helping out a fellow pats fan going to his 1st ever game (as long as we win tonight!) by giving me a ride from the airport and back (ill pay some for the gas!) that would be awesome! shoot me a PM and ill send ya my cell and we can talk and all that good jazz...

    Please guys! i really want to go to this upcoming game, and this is the only part that i havent gotten planned out... if i can work this part out, im 99% sure i can be going to my 1st ever pats game in NE!!!
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    Regardless of whether you or flying to Boston or Providence, you can take a train to the stadium if nobody steps up to share a ride with you.

    MBTA > Riding the T > Patriots

    Enjoy the game!

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