So, if I am reading this correct, both Brady and Belichick....

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by midwestpatsfan, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. midwestpatsfan

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    Should go? I mean, that is what I am reading as I go through all these threads today. Brady has no passion and Belichick is passed his prime. That is the theme today. I agree, the game yesterday was abissmal, but get rid of Brady and Belichick? Really?

    What then next year or the year after that? Go for 0-16 so the team can have both ends of the perfect season spectrum. I do not post much, but it is a little ridiculous for us fans to start calling for a complete overhaul of the Patriots because we go beat yesterday. Lets remember that this team just was named team of the decade and while that is past success, that success came from the 2 guys everyone is calling to get rid of today.
  2. not sure if I even read anything that said either should go, but one thing for sure.....the current philosophy of the offense has never won a thing.......and at this point, I don't believe the current version with the current skill guys ever will

    the offense needs to revert to more of a ball-control type rather than ****gun 80 percent of the time

    and the defense needs defensive leadership and play reading and play calling ability.
  3. StevePatsFan

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    I know these ridiculous threads are mucking up the board, but any conversations about O'Brien sucking get locked I don't get it...
  4. BelizePats

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    What you are reading is a great deal of frustration. There are very few who think that both Brady and BB should go. Maybe a few more weeks on the practice squad would help you!
  5. The_Dragon

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    Chat forums are not necessarily the place for reasoned discussion.

    Brady had a brain fart or 2 yesterday and BB has looked more mortal this year than in any other year but they are still 2 of the best.
  6. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Meh, it's the day after a loss, people are bound to be emotional, just whisper words of wisdom and let it be.
  7. Simkin

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    Yes trade away Brady for a 6th round and sign Zorn as HC .

    After that , name Meriweather Team Captain and try to build our game around Maroney , Watson and Aiken at the offensive end and Adalius , Meriweather and Wilhitee on D . Cut Jerod Mayo
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