So I guess VY comes out now?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by dryheat44, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. dryheat44

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    He was said to be leaning towards returning, because he wasn't sure he'd be a top-five pick. Has that been laid to rest after last night's performance? I hope so. One more good player falling down to the Pats' neighborhood.
  2. Crazy Patriot Guy

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    Someone told me that after the game Vince said that "we'll be back next year."

    I think he stays. He loves UT, he'll be the best player in the country and he'll get to have another year of fun.

    If he goes pro, they'll be working on his throwing motion while he's holding up his jersey at the draft.

    Be the stud of college football leading an offense that has a lot of guys returning, or sit on the bench or struggle with a bad football team? I would stay. Willis McGahee has shown us that being injured doesn't mean your career is over.
  3. dryheat44

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    On the other hand, how much money did Leinhart give away by not coming out last year? I understand enjoying college, on and off the field, but it's hard to imagine Young's draft stock improving significantly over the next year. Plus, the new CBA is likely to have some kind of rookie slotting salary system starting in '07.

    Hey, I can see both sides. I remember when Manning stayed for a senior year because he didn't want to play for Parcells, and it turned out pretty good for him.
  4. Lbaron

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    Brady Quinn is going to be regarded as the best QB in the country next year. After running for 200 yds and passing for 250 VY needs to come out. The chances of his stock being higher next year is very very slim.

    After last night, some teams may even have VY rated higher on thier boards than Leinart. VY took the game over and Leinart could not respond.

    VY is easily the 2nd best QB on the board maybe even 1st. Plus I think he's a better scrambler than michael vick. He knows when to run and when not to run. And when he is forced to stay in the pocket can make good reads.

    Which he did last night against a USC zone which wanted to force him to make mistakes. Which he did not.

    The only knock I have on the guy is the throwing motion, and his durability after being hit by pro players.
  5. PatsSaintsSox

    PatsSaintsSox Practice Squad Player

    he reminds me of a more athletic culpeper...big arm, fast, able to drop his shoulder to get the first down...

    ...that is all...
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