SMY: Dane Fletcher has re-signed with the Patriots

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    Closer look at Fletcher's contract - espnBoston

    Contract length: 1 year
    Base salary for 2013: $555,000
    Signing bonus: $65,000
    Total guaranteed money: $65,000

    ANALYSIS: There's not a lot of bells and whistles to Fletcher's one-year deal, and it's a minimal risk deal for the team. The $65,000 paid to Fletcher to sign is a modest price for a player who, if healthy, projects to be a core special teams performer and possible defensive contributor. The base salary of $555,000 is also a modest price, despite the fact that Fletcher is coming off of major knee surgery. Given the time of his injury last season, Fletcher should be close to 100 percent by the time training camp begins. Getting this straightforward deal done before Fletcher hit restricted free agency is a positive for both Fletcher and the team, as he has the security of a contract coming off of the injury, and the team squared away one offseason task.
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    It sounds like a bad deal for Fletcher until you remember that RFA tenders are not guaranteed at all, as Brian Hoyer well knows.
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