Slow Start For Patriots' Jeff Demps in his Debut, But Rookie Impresses

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Slow Start For Patriots' Jeff Demps in his Debut, But Rookie Impresses
    By: Ian Logue

    The Patriots have had their fair share of speed guys in the past who ultimately didn't work out, but if the first impressions of Jeff Demps are any indication, they may have finally gotten it right....

  2. supafly

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    I enjoy these articles myself and think you do a very nice job.

    Although I didn't have the opportunity to see Demps in action tonight, it sounds as though he is pretty much what we expected in many ways. Raw talent that needs some shaping and some corrections from good coaching, but tremendous speed and potential.

    3 touches and 41 yards I believe..definitely something to be excited about.

    One thing that may concern me is his ability to pass protect and properly pick up the blitz, simply due to his size. That will be something to keep an eye on moving forward.
  3. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    True, but the counter to that is having the defense to account for him when he is out there.....they can't ignore the dumpoff possibility like the giants did to woodhead in the SB . He will kill anyone who doesn't dedicate a body.....

  4. lurker1965

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    Did you see the same game I did?

    No, I'm asking because I wen to bed before the 4th qtr.:bricks:

    SONS_OF_BELICHICK Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    For the body of work ..I thought he did great ...unless your expectations were....that ..he would run for a td every single time he touched the ball.
    He hasnt played football for a while ...but the fact is ...he has played ...and has potential. If he continues to work at it...I see him as a sproles type back...that you will need to account for. This will open up key matches for the Pats. You cant just put any linebacker on him. As many analysis have said.....
    PICK your Poison :)
  6. Big-T

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    Cross summed up Demps pretty well "he's not an athlete trying to play Football, he's a Footballer who just happens to be one of the fastest men in the country"

    Give him more than a couple of days with the team/playbook and he will contribute more on offense (not that he did badly!) and he will contribute on ST's from the get go.
  7. Angry Man

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    I felt Demps did pretty good given the short amount of time he's been on the team. Given a little more time I feel he'll really help us out especially later on in the season going into the playoffs.
  8. patsfaninpa

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    He was outstanding his first 2 years at Florida. Playing with Tebow. Who was an all-time great college qb. Not so much, the last 2 years. Cross mentioned Darren Sproles as a comp I believe. I can see that in a year or two. This year. I think he gets spot duty. I do know one thing. If I'm a defensive co-ordinator, I have to have my nickel and dime package ready for him. Wouldn't want to see Bart Scott trying to cover him. Well, maybe I would:) You can even use him in tandem with another rb. Like a slot player. Reverses, jail-break screens and stuff like that. Don't have to put him back there protecting the franchise.
  9. 1960Pats

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    Demps could have a bigger role than many of us thought he would. In his long run he made a pretty good football move that left a defender grasping for air. It's still early but the signs are pretty good that we may have a gem there.
  10. Gwedd

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    I was stunned at his speed. Most great (even good) running backs have a second gear they kick in as soon as they break free.

    Demps appeared to have a 3rd or even 4th gear with his speed. Many talk about quickness, but this was the real thing. Quick, AND fast. Once he gets the playbook down and gets comfortable with the offense scheme and the players, he's going to be someone to seriously keep an eye on if you're playing defense. He's definitely going to test another team's conditioning, that's for sure.

    Cross also quipped, correctly, that watching him was like watching the Warner Bros Road Runner & Coyote cartoons. He just blew past the coyote chasing him. All he needs is a "beep beep" sound :singing:

    It may not work out like we hope, sometimes they don't, but I'm going to enjoy seeing what he can do this year.
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