Slater or Edelman spot 53?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Benjamin Brady, May 14, 2013.

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  1. You can only pick one. Who would you take?


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    Slater has not been used on offense too often...I think he struggles to learn the offense because you would think on a WR roster that was not deep in the past,he would crack the lineup more often.

    Edelman,despite his annual injuries has been a workhorse both on STs and as a backup to Welker as a slot receiver.

    Edelman is more important as a role player than a one trick pony in Slater IMO.

    Slater kind of reminded me of Izzo from years ago...only here as a STer and ST captain ....Never good as a defensive player.
  3. ctpatsfan77

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    Cut Jenkins or Jones, keep Edelman and Slater.
  4. They're gone already. Trying to keep Moe.


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    Personally,I would prefer Curly or Shemp over Moe :cool:
  6. That was good bro.. I actually went to google thinking I F'ed up his name.

    Good call :)
  7. mgteich

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    Slater is closer to 43 than 53. You simply don't understand the importance of STers,


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    I really don't see Slater or Edelman off this roster,both have their importance within,as some have said,a cut will come for someone else ....
  9. PatsWickedPissah

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    I would need to know how good the 2nd best gunner and 2nd best PR on STs was before cutting either one. I suspect they're both, especially Slater, markedly better than their next best threat.
  10. No I get it bro and I don't disagree but I'm asking if it came down to Edelman or Slater for the final roster spot who would you take? I think they're both above average ST players.
  11. Nice point man. I'd say Tavon Wilson would be the gunner. Washington PR/KR
  12. Synovia

    Synovia In the Starting Line-Up

    Its not going to though, and its not even going to come close. So its a silly question to ask.
  13. I'm sorry buddy I didn't think it was silly and I was just looking for some feedback from some of my fellow members.
  14. JackBauer

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    Yeah, no. Slater is only a WR because there is no designation for a STOP.

    That said, he's a top 3 STer in the league and perennially under appreciated.
  15. realtime

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    Every year with this nonsense. Barring injury, Slater is a lock to make this team, just like he has been every year since he was drafted. And even though they are nominally the same position, comparing them is apples and oranges.

    An equally (un)sensible post: Ridley or Washington spot 53?
  16. Fencer

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    The one who isn't a Pro Bowler in his prime. :rolleyes:
  17. Over the top much? I admit I asked the question with a poor choice of words but its not exactly comparing Ridley and Washington.
  18. RobAllan

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    I get this, but the title of this thread isn't "Slater or Edelman - Pick One," it's "Slater or Edelman spot 53?" And I think a majority of us have sincere doubt about either of them even being bubble players. So it IS a silly question, but that might be because you didn't ask what you meant. :eek:

    Anyone could get cut, for sure, but it's less likely to be those two than any number of other players.
  19. Good point first thread I've opened. I worded it wrong. Thanks for the constructive feedback.
  20. RobAllan

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    NP Not trying to be a jerk but mooks like me only read the title and then post... sometimes going to read the thread later.

    In spirit of conversation, I think both Edelman and Slater have value to the team in versatility. If 1 of them HAD to be cut, I'd suspect Edelman (if he's not healthy still) or if both were 100% then Slater.
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