Sirius NFL Radio - Like or Dislike?

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    For those like me who like to get our daily fix of football this offseason,IMO Sirius Radio provides a daily dosage of what my pigskin medication requires.

    I think most of the guys do a very good job,Adam Shein is the most annoying guy on the afternoon blitz,Otherwise everyone else IMO overall has superb football knowledge and I enjoy listening -Pat Kirwin seems to be the best of all - Solomon Wilcots probably the worst.

    Do you like the broadcast?,If not why and if you don't have it why not try it out at least for a month,I guarantee it will make this long offseason more entertaining and get us ready for kickoff in September - Their draft coverage and interviews is second to none and pushes ESPN radio to the backburner.

    I think it cost $12.95 a month and about $79 to buy the cheaper setup,I have the boombox as well which costs another $99

    No.I am not a rep or affiliated with anyone employed with Sirius,Just inquiring your opinion.
  2. Seymour93

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    If you're a football fan I don't see why you'd buy a XM when Sirius has 24 hour NFL talk. And it isn't just regular Joe's calling in. They have about two or three players call in for each show it seems. Also, this time a year they even interview guys projected in the 7th round or later. A couple of the hosts really know their stuff too (such as Kirwan and Jim Miller).
  3. Fixit

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    Sirius has every game, too. I just canceled my Sirius, but not because I didn't like it.
  4. Seymour93

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    Yeah, I remember driving back from Dallas listening to the Cleveland game a few years ago with Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti calling the game.
  5. IndyKen

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    I have Sirius it and think it's very good for several reasons - music, news and NFL football. The majority of the NFL hosts are highly knowledgeable - Solmon Wilcotts is superb, Pat Kirwin is a joy to listen to, and several others are excellant. Adam Schein's style does get on your nerves, and, I hate to say it, but Jerry Rice is tough to listen to - he keeps repeating "you know, you know" about 6 times every minute. But otherwise, it's a great source of information and late breaking news.
  6. Seymour93

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    That would be my only complaint. He also says "Uhhhhhhh, Uhhh" about 12 times every minute. And every single person who calls in says it's an such honor to be on air with Rice. Rice is not on as much as the regular hosts these days, however. Maybe the executives have realized it's a lost cause with him.
  7. TealSox

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    I have reception issues with my Sirius, but as far as content is involved, I like my Sirius. I listen to the NFL network most of the time and having the games live on the radio is always a fan favorite. The callers tend to be lame and seem to throw stuff out there from left field (random trade ideas or dream free agent pick ups). It gets repetitive because the same questions will constantly be brought up or the same solution will be given (don't trade Briggs, shouldn't have release Luke Petigout).

    Agreed. Jerry Rice is horrible on there. The Barber Shop was boring. Seems they always have Bill Polian on and they kiss the butts of all the draft prospects (some that will go undrafted I beat).

    Jim Miller is clutch. For Pats fans (and Bear fans), he offers a bit of insight to the teams, owners and coaches. He talks highly of the Pats, but have some negative tones about the Bears (like their offensive scheme).

    Gil Brandt (off for now) was genius. The guy has insight and it is funny to hear him talk about players he passed on while with the Cowboys and why (players that ended up being good players, ie Herm Edwards).
  8. juxtapoz15

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    My opinion on Sirius is from using my wife's every once in a while when we are driving her vehicle, she is a sales rep so buying the Sirius subscription was a must for her. The one thing I do reccommend if you are going to have Sirius for a while is their lifetime subscription. I'm not sure if they still offer it and they don't advertise it at all. Now it is only for the lifetime of the receiver, and it was between $400 - $500, but I will never have to pay a bill to Sirius as long as I dont break the receiver.

    As for the NFL channel, it sucks for short drives under an hour because they do have so many commercial breaks during their talk shows. Their commercial breaks seem to take about 5 minutes and the commercials are on the most annoying stupid crap. But the content is really good and the announcers do know quite a bit. Except occasionally when they have a caller on the air that doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Having the live games are awesome since I live out of market (also from Pennsylvania, in crappy steeler country).

    Also, TealSox are you having reception problems due to things above you (bridges, trees, etc.) or from other radio station interference? If it is from radio station interference I had the same problem with my Sportster unit and I bought an iRock wireless FM transmitter from Radio Shack for $30. Now I don't have a single problem with interference what so ever.
  9. TealSox

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    Actually both.

    I heard the wireless FM transmitter is a must with Sirius. When I contacted Sirius, they didn't bother to tell me about it but my relative at Best Buy did. Why they don't include that in the unit is beyond me, but I will definately look to acquire it before locking up the lifetime subscription. Driving through Los Angeles, it seems I have to change my FM settings half a dozen times.

    Sirius wants me to use my warranty on the "aquiring signal" issues. I thought they had some problems with some land receivers/tranmitters, so I have avoided that hassle. Still driving under a bridge cuts the station for a moment and I guess I can deal with that.

  10. 14thDragon

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    Hmmm....I thought about the lifetime subscription, but given the volititly of the company currently and given the fact that I have had to replcae my reciever twice in the past 3 years, I have been a bit unwilling to do so.
  11. JoeinIndy

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    I love Sirius - but there are some things to be said about it.

    #1. Try to avoid at all costs an FM transmitter. By taking the digital quality signal you were receiving and sending it via an FM transmitter you have to subject it to similar quality loss, making the Sirius radio sound roughly like FM. Also, FM transmitters have to broadcast on a frequency and as you drive around you'll often find interference.

    The simpler solution is to get it integrated into your car CD player. If you have a car from the factory without Sirius capability you can buy a Sirius ready head unit - that way you don't need to transmit via FM. If you absolutely don't want to lose the stock radio in your car then you do the FM thing, unless you have CD changer inputs on your stock head unit or something.

    The separate Sirius module thing was bad for me - because it gave me too much distraction and I constantly found myself channel surfing to see what was on other stations while I listened to one. It probably wasn't the safest thing.

    As far as NFL Radio on Sirius - around May-June it gets pretty dry. You'll know the innermost details of every single action that occurs after awhile, but that's the goal yeah? If you get bored you have about 150 other channels you can listen to.
  12. PatsDeb

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    We only have XM radio which carries no NFL stuff. I am glad they are merging and we'll be able to get NFL 24/7, even if it isn't the best. Especially since baseball season is starting on EEI, so you can kiss Pats coverage goodbye until September.
  13. fgssand

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    How about some Boston people opinions of Sirius NFL coverage versus what we get here from Weei & Felger.

    During Red Sox season, I guess it is a no brainer - how about, though during football season and/or when a breaking Patriot story happens?? Do you find yourself back to the local channels or do you find Boston stories to be better covered by Sirius??
  14. Willie55

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    Were they watching it on TV and calling the game?
  15. 52decleetzu

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    You do realize that they just got approval to merge with XM,to create a joint venture that will be able to crush any type of competition if it arises correct????

    They are about as stable as it comes.
  16. Seymour93

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    Not sure what you're trying to say here. Sirius broadcasts both the home and away local radio announcers for each game on a different channel. In NE's case it's Gil and Gino of course.
  17. DarrylS

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    Had sirius for a while, the NFL was ok, but wanted to listen to all those obscure music tracks... found they played the same stuff over and over and over again.. not a lot of creativity.
  18. I believe I read on the website they actually give you 3 reciever changes with that plan.
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  19. Bostonian1962

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    It's phenominal!!! I love it, and don't know how I'd get along without it.
  20. Bostonian1962

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    It's funny that you say that. I love Jerry Rice the football player, but I'd rather chew glass than to listen to him talk. Recently in a 3 minute period I counted him saying "ya know" something like 32 times. It's BIZARRE!

    'The ya know, Patriots, ya know, um ya know, really ya know played ya know ya know ya know well in the ya know game.' It's sooooooo hard to listen to.

    You have to think somebody could say something to the guy, or perhaps they could give him some speech therapy or somthing.:)

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