Since when does losing a star player (Revis) help you win a game?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Its very weird when a team like the Jets lose thier franchise player Revis and actually benefit from it

    When Revis went down Belichick and Brady decided they were going to try and keep the rookie Wilson and the corners busy by constantly throwing it to Moss despite him being double covered most of the game,while in the first half when Revis was on the field Brady only went deep to Moss 2 times and connnecting on that TD pass and was spreading the ball around to the TEs and Welker and had a good going at the time...until the Revis injury changed thier gameplans to the dumb side.

    I guess they thought with Revis out of the puicture that they could get the ball to Moss through double coverage just because Revis was not there and they wanted to prove Moss was not a didn't happen and we lost

    Darrell Revis going down in that game was a key in the Jets victory...sounds weird but its a fact.

    This Brady zeroing on Moss needs to stop,this team won't win a game,especially on the road being so predictable that even a blind man can see it coming.
  2. CopenhagenPatsfan

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    Google the Ewing Theory or Ewing Effect for an explanation. Other players on the team tend to step it up a bit when the best player is out.
  3. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Why don't you just go ahead and become a Jets fan? You know you want to do it. You relish the Patriots losses and struggles more than their wins and successes.


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    You want to ball wash everything the Patriots do.....I feel bad for your pathetic ****

    Only normal fans don't suck up everything thier team does and thinks nothing is bad....try and be objectionable for once or can't you face the facts this team is a 3rd place rebulding AFC East team at this juncture,especially on I once said before you must be 13 years old,no adult acts like that.
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  5. Sicilian

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    This was my thought too. Barry Melrose in hockey called it the Reverse Superstar Theory, same thing. A star player goes down, everyone thinks they need to step it up and subconsciously it makes them play harder and better.

    The opposite can happen when the superstar comes back. Players relax, figuring they'll be even better now that they've played so well AND have their star in the mix again. People slack, bad things happen.

    Both scenarios usually only happen in the short term though. Eventually it evens out, but for one half of football it's entirely plausible.
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    I think it's odd that THIS post is the one that makes you say this... I've seen far more critical posts from PATRIOTSFANINPA in the past. I think it's pretty hard to argue with the logic in this one honestly. Unless you think it's still a good idea to throw to Moss in double coverage.
  7. upstater1

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    My problem is they didn't go at the CBs enough, and you think the opposite?

    I couldn't figure out why they were running the ball.

    3rd and 8 is not a good situation for a throw, even if Revis isn't out there.

    Even the announcers were mentioning the other Jets CB, but no, they ran the ball.


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    My problem is that they were zeroing in on throwing to Moss not being covered by Revis as compared to when Revis was in there it was more going to Hernandez and a bit of Welker too except for a few shots at Moss and the TD catch.

    I believe Belichick thought that when Revis went out Moss was going to be able to beat his coverage...didn't happen and throws were forced.

    Had Revis played the whole game we might have seen more throws to the TEs and more of a better mix in the second half like we had in the first half than those wasted bombs to Moss that were not going anywhere.

    The Jets secondary is enough good that losing Revis was not the end of the world... now if we lost McCourty who is the only real talent left on the corners,then you might as well pack it up for the season.
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  9. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    This is not the one post that made me say it. It is the cumulative effect of this type of thread and this type poster of which the OP is the ring leader. There is minority of very vocal poster who seem to enjoy the losses and pointing out the flaws of the BB, Brady and the Patriots and whom even in wins will post how we were "lucky" or the other team isn't really that good. They predict the Patriots are going to lose before the game and then boast about being right afterward. These folks make me sick.

    I don't mind the actual Jet fans who come in and trash talk the Patriots, but folks like the OP are the worst form of troll on any message board.
  10. Nikolai

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    But at least now you know to whom the Boston media caters.
  11. eifmp

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    Simple answer to threadstarter's question:

    Jets practiced 95% of training camp as if Revis wasn't going to play. When he came back it disrupted nearly a month of training camp planning and the like.

    With Revis out they could play like they've been practicing for most of training camp.

    Notice how Cromartie & the Jets defense were confused on many plays? With Revis on the sideline that confusion went away.
  12. memento

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    Brady was picking on Cromartie the whole game. The problem is, Cromo went to his comfort spot when Revis went out. He stepped it up. He did what he was training for the whole training camp.

    Cromartie wasn't the only unexpected factor. LaDanian Tomlinson made the right plays at the right times, and Mark Sanchez sucked less than Darius Butler.

    Next week will be better. Brady will go back to Welker and someone will replace Butler.
  13. Sicilian

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    Ok, I don't doubt that there are people who call themselves "fans" who would rather be right than see their team win. You'll see that in just about any aspect of life, people who would rather be right about a doomsday scenario than have everything work out perfectly (and have to admit they were wrong). I haven't paid close enough attention to every one of his posts to determine if the OP is or is not that type of person.

    Here's what I do know. If he IS that type of person, I'm sure there are plenty of posts in which he was WRONG that you can go make the claim you just made. This thread is about Revis leaving and the Jets defense playing better, a fact that seems to be undeniable based on the results of the game. If you care to argue the point, argue the POINT. Don't force your moral objection to the poster on a thread where that's not the issue.
  14. upstater1

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    I've said it 100 times but it doesn't matter because it doesn't get through. We ran on early downs, got nothing, the Jets then flooded the zones with defenders, no one was open, so Brady chucked it up.
  15. Uncle Rico

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    Wasn't the Saints' secondary badly depleted the week the Pats played them last year? IIRC, they signed someone off the street who had a big night.
  16. It's their system. Not to say Revis is overrated, but look at the Raven's CB's. Their awful. The Nolan/Ryan's/Raven's style of defense is the best in the NFL at hiding their deficiencies (awful secondary).
  17. TrueBeliever

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    Well hey, we went 11-5 w/o Brady a coupla years back. ;)


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    You are the biggest blooming bash washer on this site...

    If you don't like what you read then get the hell out of my threads or use the ignore feature if you are smart enough to figure it out

    I don't enjoy losses,I am a realist who knows this team is full of flaws and is AT LEAST a year or two away from being Elite,yet you sit in your little lollypop land and believe they will win the SB every year or will never lose 7 games in a season under Belichick and Brady....guess what Einstein?...its coming,they will probably miss the playoffs this year with a young defense that will take more than a few weeks to - I am objective,you are in fantasy\

    I will be here when they suck again,you will move to another team who is winning

    I have spent more money on Pats stuff for the last 20 years than any money you will ever see

    I have been a fan through the 1990 1-15 campaigns and survived those years,I have been a fan longer than your punk azz has been alive,you were not even old enough to remember 1990 yet you have a mouth know NOTHING about me.
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  19. Sicilian

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    In week 2, I think both sides are fantasy, to be honest. Saying they will "probably" miss the playoffs after a week 2 loss is silly. Saying they COULD miss the playoffs is one thing, but PROBABLY is a bit of an overreaction.


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    He does it for attention...people who do stuff like this in threads do it because in the real world they are of little consequence to others so they go into thier fantasy world which is the internet and think they are more knowledgable than they really are and once thier TEAM goes back to sucking like all good teams eventually do,they go out of sight like a mouse into a corner hole when the lights come on
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