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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Elijah, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Elijah

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    Tramon Williams: Packers defense will bounce back -

    I was reading this article when I realized how eerily similar the Patriots have been to the Packers recently. Just replace every Packers reference in the article with a Patriots reference, and it's surprisingly accurate (minus the Nick Collins part, unless you consider Barrett's season ending injury to have mattered at all).

    Horrible defense (especially pass), dominated almost everyone but knocked out by Giants, Pro Bowl CB ruined by an injury, and spending the first 6 draft picks on defense. That's all I can see, but there might even be more.

    Am I just seeing what I want to see or are the Patriots in a very similar situation to the Packers right now?
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    Also 07 - a somewhat painful loss on their home turf in OT.
  3. strngplyr

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    Why does everyone blame McCourty's play on some unknown injury? Was there any injury before Moore took him out with friendly fire? I don't remember any being document, just fans wanting an excuse for his fall from grace.

    He actually played better after his injury late in the season. Lets hope he continues getting better with the offseason instead of making excuses for why he was god awful last year.
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