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Sign & Trade Vince

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by CGH TX PATS, Feb 16, 2010.


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    I know that this is a topic that will be discussed at great length. I have to admit I was willing to give up anything this time last year within reason to acquire Julius. Well here we sit a year later and we're in the same boat needing a pass rush. TBC was great but he isn't elite. Carolina has been good against the run, while Julius was on the defensive line which makes me feel that we wont suffer to bad against the run.

    Our secondary gets alot of knocks (rightfully so Wilhite), but they would be helped out significantly with a solid pass rush. I'm hoping that we franchise tag Vince and trade him for Julius. I could handle the money being spent on a player like Julius opposed to Vince. I've seen him alter some drives but not take over a game like Julius can and has.

    Add Julius to the mix, interesting in a 3-4 (size, int's, forced fumbles), great in a 4-3. Draft Sergio Kendall, Jerry Hughes, Ricky Sapp, etc at #22. Thoughts?
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