"Is Brady Overrated?"

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Wow. I would've expected better logic if you're making that argument. The biggest reason the Pats are the Pats is because of #12. I think I will find few who will argue that the QB position is the most important in the sport (and probably in all of sports). The reason Brady gets the accolades he gets is quite simply because HE WINS. Period. He has that Joe Montana intangible where if the game is close, he will find a way to get it done. While football is the ultimate team game, I think Brady's distinction is that he has managed to consistently win those playoff games. It's a tired comparison, but look at his biggest rival for the "best QB" distinction: Peyton. Manning has had the teams to get there just like Brady, but has been unable to take that step in the big games. Furthermore, it's not like Brady's just hanging out and getting by as the team carries him (see: Dilfer, Trent 2000). Rather, he's coming through every time in the clutch.

    If you are going to make that argument, be prepared to back it up with more than a 5 paragraph column. We're going to need some facts.
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    What has he done lately? I dont know, how about single handedly carrying his team to the Divisional Playoffs last year. How about leading his team to 5-1. He could have had a case for MVP in 2005, the way he carried this team. The first half of the season, it was 100% Brady.
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    is Brady regarded more highly than is deserved? It all depends on who you ask....if you ask me I would say no. I regard Brady highly, for competing and practicing at such a competitive level, a level that is deserved from my viewpoint, and I am not even his team-mate. This level got him some rings and the respect of his peers, deservedly so

    I am actually happy people print such garbage, it fires the boys up. I hope they continue to do so. Tonight will be a good test for NE....
  5. SVN

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    the line which always find funny is that brady is a system quarterback...montana played in the greatest offensive system of all time ...every QB is a system quarterback, not just running his own thing...
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    Im sure he picked the Pats to win - because he knows this article will be used on the Patriots Buletin board. Nothing lie throwing a stick in the hornets nest.
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    As long as Peyton Manning is rated with Tom, I'm not worried. I mean, you could say Joe Montana was overrated too, what with the great teammates the 49ers assembled around him. Like to see what Tom would do with Rice, Taylor, Clark and Roger Craig in the huddle, and all pro linemen like Cross and Fahnhorst to protect him and a defense with Lott, Wright, Williamson, Hicks, Dean and Turner in it to get him the ball.
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    Lots of responders noting the glaring omission of "Big Ben" from anybodies over rated list.

    But this response pretty much sums Perloff up:

    "Posted: 3:20 PM by Anonymous
    All you need to know is this: Look at the glasses the a-hole who wrote this is wearing. What kind of judgment do you have to posess to look like that in a photo that literally millions of people will see? That sufficiently undermines his credibility to me!"

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    I think the writers wife must of called out Brady's name in bed. So now Brady is overrated.
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    easiest question i'll answer all day
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    You could say he's still underrated considering the personnel changes he's had to work around and he STILL keeps playing well and winning. Let's take away Harrison & Wayne from Manning and give him Gabriel and Caldwell - he would pout for 8 months.
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    I really, really cannot stand sports "journalism".
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    Couldn't agree more. The 49ers had the greatest system in the NFL for over a decade - and many of their players were products of it. That, however, does not diminish the fact that they were great players.
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    I opened this up hoping to see a case of any kind, but it really is just a piece of crap. He basically says, "Brady is overrated because, well, wins are overrated as a measure of ability."

    Great. I can dig it. I say the same thing about players in other sports all the time. But you have to prove *why* the wins are overrated in this case. I can say that Manning is overrated because I don't think yards are a great inidcation, but I have to say why. Otherwise I am essentially saying nothing.

    Which is what this guy did.
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    People like to glorrify their past heroes. What is funny about the uproar that you hear when you compare Brady to Montana is that Joe played on teams that had significantly more talent than NE, especially on the offense but even on the defensive side of the ball, and a greater talent advantage over the competition.

    Every single excuse that one can make to denigrate Brady can be used two-fold for Montana, with the one exception of the SB nailbiters. Joe does have Tom there.
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    I think the guy knows he's just stirring the pot...look at how he closes the thing:

    "With that, my pick for tonight: Tom Brady leads the Pats to a hard-fought 21-19 win over a revved-up Vikings squad. Hey, I said he's overrated. I didn't say I was betting against him in a close game."

    Umm...I think that really says it all.
  17. BradyManny

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    I think whoever posed this question, ("Perloff", who the F is he?) just wants to make people like me angry and wish death upon them. And it worked. Some people just get off by stirring the pot.
  18. Drewwho

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    I really hope that this article found its way into Brady's locker today!
    If it did, we can expect some GOOD things tonight.

    I love bulliten board matierial!
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    The guy's whole argument is essentially this:

    So tell me, Andrew Perloff, how incredible was the Patriots' system in the 17 games in 2000-2001 that Brady didn't start? How incredible was the Patriots system when it was in Cleveland?

    The "incredible Patriots system" has only been incredible since Brady's been is in it. Curious.
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    My favorite line...

    "He's got 2 Superbowl MVP's. But what has he done lately?"

    Nice one.

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