Should we just start the feed the family telethon??

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Whatever, who knows what goes on behind the scene's , Im just done with Deion, if he is here great, if not .. Well He is just a guy that suffered a knee injury and wont play for 10 weeks.. Like a certain reciever that missed 7 games in 2004, who was that .. Deion Branch... Hope we pick up a vet in the meantime... Wr and Lb will be a need in the draft next yr..
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    His comment about need to take care of his family galls me. I just want to shake him!

    Tell me how wasting your salary on fines is helpful to your family? That's like saying I spent my paycheck at the track or buying lottery tickets so I can take care of my family. It's stupid.

    Everybody, including the Patriots, agrees he deserves more money. If he doesn't like the contract he's been offered don't sign it and become a free agent next year.
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    I eat and live just fine and havent made in my life what he has paid in fines since his holdout!
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    Yeah, I'll donate some crow, with a side of foot-in-the-mouth, then for dessert he can eat some humble pie.
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    Hi everyone, been watching this forum for months, just thought I'd chime in finally. I enjoy the perspectives from the various posters and the information I learn by following most of the threads. Thank you !!

    ok, enough smoozing. DB said something in that interview that brought a new perspective on the " gotta feed the family " line. He added the comment " for life " at the end of the statement, very good PR !

    Most of us have to work everyday for most of our lives to make ends meet. Good professional athletes have the ability to gain finanical security before their 30, the best get it in the beginning. But most of them have a limited time to gain it, age and injury effect the amount of time. Even though I hate the money thing with sports and entertainment, WAY TOO MUCH, which is our fault, we pay the prices their asking. I think I better understand the stance he's taking on this.

    Also, it's understood, their impression of how much they need and most of our perspectives on how much someone needs will never sync up !

    Very excited about this year, even without Branch !!

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