Should the Pats use Tebow as a TE now ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by thenepatsrule, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. thenepatsrule

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    With all the A Hern mess that the Pats are dealing with, do you think BB will think of replacing A Hern with TT? Of course you cant get the same production from Tebow. But he is big and strong and difficult to bring down.

    Just a thought ... may or may not be a sensible one :D
  2. Bruins29

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    They should probably just use a TE at TE. They have about 6 of them. Tebow isnt really great at the position he has played his whole life.
  3. AƟƟynormal

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    A better way to ask this is to say H-Back instead of TE. Jetfans say he's a lousy route runner with stone hands, FWIW. I never saw him play any position other than QB. I think he can play a big RB (not FB) and learn from there.
  4. JMC00

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    I'll go with Ballard, Fells, Hooman, Sudfeld, Ford and even Mark Harrison (in Hernandez's role) before I'd use Tebow as a TE
  5. Ironman44

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    Tebow is not a TE .

    Can he be used in a slash type role where he lines up at TE every now and then? sure but not full time.

    Also his blocking is just fine (look at the jets vs 49 ers game where he laid out 49ers on multiple plays coming out of the backfield) but its his route running and reads as TE that will take a lot longer than a few weeks to master....(more like a few years..)

    Its a pipe dream to have Tebow as a TE this season ...people need to let this go.

    and I am a Tebow fan.
  6. thenepatsrule

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    So the opinion is NO !!!
  7. Joker

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    will you repeat that?

    I think I missed it the first 15,000 times you posted it...[​IMG]
  8. tonyto3690

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    FFS no. Why does this keep being brought up. He can't block. He can't get separation. He can't catch. He can't do anything to suggest he'd be even a mediocre TE.
  9. Ironman44

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    Your right joker my avatar and signature are not giving it away .....settle down now :)
  10. Ironman44

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  11. DocHoliday

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  12. Joker

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    I'm a very selfish Patriots fan....and I don't care what anybody has to say about it either. I thought Tebow's presence here would be a negative and didn't want him to be signed. Now,I look at Tim Tebow and I see a GIGANTIC defense shield shrouding the entire organization.

    There are many, many people within and outside the NFL that hate the Patriots ...OPENLY attack,deride,diminish,demean and seek to destroy what has been built here by Kraft and Belichick. I have often thought a lot of it is closet anti-semitism aimed at Kraft and media outrage at Belichick's bellicose treatment of them. Even before the Hernandez incident was a day old, the first of the "Has the Patriot Way Disappeared?" hit pieces burst on the mainstream media locations like tornado warning sirens. The "let's hang 'em!!!!!!" media lynch mob was sharpening their knives for some really tasty revenge...payback ala mode with a cherry on top.

    Personally, "Patriot Way" means nothing to me. "In Belichick We Trust" scooped me up in its net back in 2004. If there's one thing I detest it's the media in Southern N.E. always biatch crying about their precious access. As a fan, I could care less about their selfish, agenda driven deadlines and their ridiculous notion that THEY are performing some important function for ME, the average Joe sports fan. You mean to tell me any one of you Pats fans here would run up to John Tomase and cry for his autograph...or tell him what a great guy he is for what he does??? That mutt is decidedly BLESSED he didn't run into me the week before the first Super Bowl against the Giants..and the same goes for Borges, Maggotrotti, Calajerk, Denise, Felcher and the rest of chest pounding "look at me!!!!" vermin in today's NE media.

    Tebow , by virtue of his very existence here as a player on the NE Patriots,can deflate and possibly negate all the negative energy being ramped up going into the 2013 season. He works hard, says what he says, practices hard and DOES what THEY call "doing it the Patriots Way" then WHAT do the bobble heads do, where do they go NOW? Do they attack Tebow??? That would seem to be suicidal considering he is and has been THE MOST SCRUTINIZED PLAYER in the NFL the past three years.

    No....Tebow makes this team and THEY have to play ball. I see no other way around it. They will have to stick their knives back in the drawer and focus only on the season going forward and the play of the team.Heaven forbid, Tebow proves to be a valuable asset and actually contributes to the Pats winning ways, the hatred filled lowlifes will be faced with either attacking a saint or keeping their pens busy chronicling how BB and Pats put the team back on track and, heh...reaffirmed the "Patriot Way".

    Don't expect me to buy into this Patriot Way crap but make no mistake about it, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing it rammed right down their backbiting media throats.

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    Just because we lost Hern doesn't mean TE is suddenly a need now.

    Gronk - Best in the game
    Ballard - Should be one of the better #2's in the league
    Hooman - Should be one of the better #3's in the league
    Fells - May show improvement in year 2, capable #3 or better if Gronk misses time

    With Gronk it may still be the best set of TE's in the league. Without it is still a solid set, perhaps middle of the pack.
  14. DocHoliday

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    I always respect someone who can change their mind publicly.
  15. jmt57

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    There are six guys who have been playing the TE position at a high enough level that they are already on an NFL roster to play TE. It took them years of practice with a proven track record of performance to earn those roster spots.

    As athletic and competitive as Tebow is, I just don't see him suddenly becoming a better TE in six weeks of training than any of those other six players.

    The most likely candidate to adapt and change his position to become a TE is WR Mark Harrison, but even that would most likely be a project with an eye on 2014, not 2013.
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  16. Deus Irae

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    Tim Tebow is in camp to compete for a QB job. While he may also end up doing other things (i.e. special teams), I don't see the team trying to convert him to a full time TE at this time.
  17. Ironman44

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    He did, they chose to show that one because it was Smith. Blocking is not the issue, route running and actually catching the ball probably are .....which are even bigger problems.

    I am in agreement he is not a TE
  18. edboc

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    Tebow is the 3rd string QB, and at most a special teams player. They already have 5 healthy guys that can block better and have at least played TE in college (Sudfeld & Ford).
    I'd be surprised if Tebow makes the final roster, unless he can show he's capable of reading defenses and has significantly improved his throwing mechanics, considering he doesn't have practice squad eligibility.
  19. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    The role(s) played on the field by Hernandez,

    lining up in multiple positions,
    getting separation across the middle,
    showing good hands in traffic,
    having excellent elusiveness,

    aren't likely within the skill set of another TE on the roster, let alone Tebow.

    I think we could see a running back (Vereen) or a second slot guy (Edelman) in addition to Amendola used for similar routes, rather than a true tight end #2.

    Of course there was a lot of debate anyway as to whether AH even was a true TE, as opposed to a rather oversized WR.
  20. Ironman44

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    Impressive , well said

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