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    I dump his latest column into the "If you say it enough maybe it will be come true" file. How many times do these Globe flunkees have to repeat the myth "This is a Red sox town, always was, always will be"? This was a hockey basketball town for a long time. In the 80s it was 1.Celtics 2. Bruins 3. Red Sox 4. Pats. How many fans attended Clemens' first 20K performance? 10,000? How easy was it for me as a kid to get into an empty Fenway? Very, even post 86. What a shill. And he chooses the year 1990 to evaluate the Pats fan base? This is a way guys like Shaughnessy can make an excuse for never taking the effort to learn square 1 about football. Combined with the fact his son is a baseball player, I suppose it helps him feel even more like his family belongs in the town sports aristocracy. Sometimes reading the Globe is like being in "1984" with history being rewritten before your eyes in a factory of false myths.
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    You said Red Sox which make this thread poison, just poison.

    OK, Shauass said it but you repeated it. Don't you know anguish that you are causing some poeple here??
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    There is a football connection here. Reading the Globe Sports page is like going out for a meal at a fancy restaurant. You arrive at Chez Globe... Waiters in evening jackets usher you in to a table set with silver and fine linen. You ask, "Is Chef Ryan cooking this evening?" The Maitre D' (a queer looking chap) says, "no he's off today", so you grimace and order a meal. They bring it out to you.. it takes two to carry the giant metal tray. They set it before you, uncover the contents with a practiced twirl... And sitting in front of you on the silver platter is a tiny brown turd. You look around... everyone in the restaurant is cutting into their own little brown turds with expensive silverware, washing it down with fine wine, patting their mouths with linen and smiling politely at the waiters. So you overturn the table, punch out the waiter and shove the turd down the Maitre D's throat. Don't we deserve better than this crap?
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    Continuing conversations with myself.... I am exempting Jerome Solomon from the comments above. He is top notch (because he's not from around here no doubt) and his article the other day with comments from Ivan Fears was fascinating. Go, Jerome! Drive out the home town slobs!
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    Certainly there are elements of "Whichever team has done well lately is more popular." All of us in MA in the early 70s remember how every kid played ice hockey because we were in the Orr and Espo era.

    I don't think anyone could argue we were a Celtics town in the mid-80s when, for example, my mom would have recognized any Celtics starter in the grocery store.

    Regardless of what kind of town Boston is, obviously it's a football town these days with the recent success of the Pats. The Globe will never acknowledge this.

    P.S. I attended Clemens's next start after that game.
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    Shaughnessy's an asshat. Always has been, always will be.

    Too bad we won't see that in print.
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    What do you suspect that a Borges and Cafardo menu would look like? Cesspool soup, entrails with a side of vomit dipping sauce??
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    For the majority of the 20th century, Boston was a hockey town. Even during the Celtics dynasty, the Bruins sold out while the C's didn't. Baseball didn't take off until 1967. According to Shaughnessy's book, Ever Green, the C's didn't become popular until 1973.
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    Bon Appetti'
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    Well, Ann Arbor is a Pats town. :D
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    Don't make ne agree with Shaughnessy. (Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Cy Young Yaz etc.)
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