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  1. Off The Grid

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    Moved to The Gen Pop!! :D


    RB Shane Vereen


    Shane Vereen commands an explosive blend of Burst, Fluidity, Lateral Agility, and sudden Lateral Velocity.

    * He boasts exceptional Diagnostic Skills, Processing Speed, and Vision, working with his Line to set up Blocks.

    * And he commands frightening Verticity: the ability to explode out of his Breaks.

    * In a word: dangerous physical skills and the brains to apply them with deadly force.


    Several of us have had a feeling about this kid.

    Now that he's signed up...It's time. :cool:
  2. s3antana5757

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    Like this kid. Thought he was better than Ingram to start the season, kind of forgot about him because I don't get many Pac-10 games, really think he's going to be great in a few years.

    I think with the crowded backfield this year, he might not get too many touches. Him and Ridley will make a great combo for years to come.
  3. Snake Eyes

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    With his ability to line up as a receiver Vereen will have a much bigger impact than his stats indicate, our own low-carb version of Marshall Faulk.
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