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  1. Eugene Chung

    Eugene Chung Practice Squad Player

    I don't know about everyone else here, but I felt like this was the first game this year where Seymour could have made a huge difference. Jarvis had decent pressure on the pass, but was handled on the run. Most of the Cowboys big runs were to the right side (Pats left - typically Seymour's spot in the 3-4). Here's hoping that he's healthy enough for Miami.
  2. jbb9s

    jbb9s In the Starting Line-Up

    Is there any particular reason why Wright started in favor of Green? It caught me offguard.
  3. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    I still can't figure out how Green didn't make that tackle in the end zone for a safety.
  4. Bobs My Uncle

    Bobs My Uncle Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Or the 5 other Patriots defenders who also hand a hand on Barber .......
  5. jbb9s

    jbb9s In the Starting Line-Up

    It was only 6 total broken tackles?

    He ended up gaining 2 yards on that play.
  6. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    I don't think Seymour will be playing next week, nor should he unless he's 100%. I know we've had problems there before but this is our best team ever and could be their worst. If we can't win while sitting out Seymour we've got problems. I don't think we'll see Seymour until Indy at the earliest, because he doesn't want to come back until he's at full strength.
  7. Ishdul

    Ishdul On the Game Day Roster

    You notice the absence of top tier players when facing top tier competition. We won't miss a beat against Miami with Seymour gone, but come Indianapolis we'll definitely want #93 back and running.
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