Seward versus Bobby Carpenter - Who would you take?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by cstjohn17, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. cstjohn17

    cstjohn17 Supporter Supporter

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    Assuming both were available for a 5th. It is a tough call, I think Carpenter has more upside but Seward just seems like a blue collar guy who can get the job done.
  2. slash83

    slash83 In the Starting Line-Up

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    BC for me....
  3. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    I'll throw my name in the hat for Seward. Blue collar guys seem to excel in our defense.
  4. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

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    Considering that BC wouldn't be available for a 5th, maybe a 2nd or 3rd, its kind of an unfair question.
  5. rookBoston

    rookBoston 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    Bobby Carpenter for a 5th? Impossible. I'd probably give a 2nd, certainly a 3rd, for him.
  6. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress In the Starting Line-Up

    Fans in Dallas are really down on Carpenter. He's way down the depth chart, and it doesn't look like he's surfacing behind Ayodele, James and Burnett. The only reason they would refuse to dump him for a 5th is out of sheer embarassment, because by doing so JJ would admit to having drafted a bust. He also wouldn't want to run the risk of BB rehabilitating Carpenter, which would add to the embarassment.

    I like Carpenter and it's a shame politics would get involved and prevent that deal from happening. A 5th is a good deal for a bench player.

    BTW, I just noticed that Bryant McFadden cb, Steelers is an UFA next season. That is an interesting future option.
  7. DocE

    DocE Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Take it for what it's worth but Vikings LG Steve Hutchinson told Vikings play by play guy Paul Allen that Bobby Carpenter "runs away from contact" more than any other LB he has faced.
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