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Semifinals this week! Need help to get to championship

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by midwestpatsfan, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    Well, I have made it to the semi-finals of my 12 team league, but my team is banged up and could use some help. It is a standard yahoo PPR league and my team is:
    QB-Drew Brees
    RB-Arian Foster
    RB-Knowshon Moreno
    WR-Andre Johnson
    WR-Greg Jennings
    WR-Vincent Jackson
    TE-Chris Cooley
    Flex-Joe Webb (has WR eligiblity, so I thought this might be a cheap way to get QB points at the flex spot)
    QB-Jay Cutler
    RB-Ryan Torain, Joseph Addai, Felix Jones
    WR-Mike Williams(TB), Pierre Garcon

    So, what do you think? What would be my best option? With the injury to Collie, Garcon could become a big target again. I have had Williams on my bench all year because I just do not trust the rookie to stay consistent, even though he has. My 2nd RB position is banged up so not sure who to go with there, and am I over thinking the Webb play at the flex position. He played bad in that game against the Bears, but still scored 15 fantasy points because QB's tend to score higher than others. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey - Your team looks pretty good for the playoffs IMO. I'm assuming you're playing the JAX defense because you think WAS sucks? Is that the best DEF/ST on the waivers? Honestly though I'd rather play Ryan Torain against JAX over a banged up Knowshon Moreno against HOU. JAX defense is 18th against the run compared to Houston being 9th against the run.

    If you go by stats it is a better match up. It is not a great leap to think that Rex Grossman could suck it up at any moment, and I am sure they will mix in a healthy dose of Torain. And regarding Moreno's potential production - many teams attack Houston through the air since their pass defense is the worst in the league.

    I don't know if I'd mess with your WR that much. You have 3 good ones starting. My team and yours are somewhat similar in a few areas, and I too have had Mike Williams on my bench the whole season for the same reason as you. I would consider Garcon a good flex start though. I find him to be a kind of boom or bust type of player in terms of fantasy production, but considering your firepower at WR that's not a bad position to be in for your flex spot.

    I think the Joe Webb idea (WR/QB) looks good on paper, but I just don't see much upside for him going against a tough blitzing PHI defense. I feel like putting him on there is doing it for the sake of it since he's the only QB that can be started as a WR. It's a gutsy move, but I'm a bit more conservative when it comes to starting unproven players so I probably wouldn't start him there if it were my team. Since you're in PPR I'd rather start a player like Garcon or Felix Jones who can earn you points with catches.

    I have a log jam of my own that I am currently trying to figure out.

    My roster is:

    QB: Aaron Rodgers

    RB: Arian Foster
    RB: Steven Jackson

    WR: Reggie Wayne
    WR: Greg Jennings

    TE: Jason Witten

    Flex: BenJarvus Green Ellis

    DEF: Chicago

    K: Matt Bryant

    BN: Jon Kitna
    BN: Ben Roethlisberger
    BN: Santana Moss
    BN: Vincent Jackson
    BN: Mike Tolbert
    BN: Felix Jones

    My championship game is this weekend, and my problem is do I start a hot Jon Kitna (against ARI) over a concussed Aaron Rodgers against NYG? I have benefited from having the TD combo of both Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings all season. But I am worried that he will have a poor game against a good NYG pass defense.

    Additionally I'd like to squeeze Vincent Jackson in my lineup somehow but I don't know if it is worth nixing any of the other players I have. If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it because at this point I am over thinking it.

    Anyways - good luck in your match up this weekend!

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