Seeking Cape Cod vacation advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tunescribe, Apr 3, 2010.

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    My lady and I are planning to spend a week at the Cape, July 24-31. We have lodging reserved at a modest cabin in Truro ($500 for the week), but might change that depending on finding a better deal/location. I'm wondering if anyone here who has better knowledge of the Cape than I do can suggest how to make the most of that week: best beaches, best attractions, etc., etc. We don't want to spend a ton on a place to sleep, as we'll likely be out and about -- beaching, etc. -- during daylight hours. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    By the way, I remember seeing a bunch of tiny cottages right ON the beach in North Truro years ago. They looked like rentals but I haven't been able to find info about them anywhere. They're really basic, rustic, bare-bones places, the type of thing I'd be interested in. Anyone familiar with these? Thanks.
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    I'm curious about this too. Never been to the Cape, and since the economy sucks we can't really afford to fly anywhere. Needless to say I'm also trying to come up with a reasonable place to spend a few days with the family - and I've always wondered what there is to do down there.
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    If you got a cabin for $500 in Truro in July probably pretty bare bones, the only draw back is that often lower price = density and/or crowded.

    Remember reading something about the cottages on the beach, that they are left over from the old artist colony.. and have been grandfathered in, do not believe you can build any more.. most belong to families..
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    I remember seeing those cottages,, they were about ten feet by twelve in the middle of nowhere. No road no water no power no shade no fun. We use to park on rt.6? and walk to the ocean it was a mile at least, it was like walking through the Sahara desert.

    Id rather have a week end at Harrys :singing:
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    Haven't been down there in many years (the 70's) but you picked a good area Truro is handy to lots of stuff and I imagine there is much more around there now to see and do, the beaches are great, Nauset Beach in Orleans had great surf also a very strong undercurrent, they used to have good boat trips out of P.Town imagine they still do, get up early and walk the National Seashore part of it is right in Truro the beach goes for miles and many times even in July we used to find ourselves to be the only people on the Beach it is huge, lots of tables with Charcoal Stoves, get down there at dawn and make your own coffee there are lots of woods for shade.
    Good luck, I had a lot of fun down there way back when....

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