Second half improvement -- excellent Felger article

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shakadave, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Yeah, I'm no Felger fan, but this article was pretty much on the money and insightful.
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    Felger wrote a fine piece.

    What I wanted to talk about was Manning's Boasting, however. It is tasteless and not supported by the facts. His undefeated teams is the most flawed undefeated team I have ever seen! His team was held two points below its seasonal average. This was so in spite of the five turnovers that the Patriots yielded; a somewhat unusual occurrence. Yet the Colts won by a single score.

    In a "normal game" his team would have given up at least two more scores. At the same time the Colt's could be expected to score less with the usual number of possessions instead of the additional five that the turnovers gave them. He was fortunate to catch the Pats with injuries in the secondary. Unlike last season where six DBs went on IR, only one is lost for the year. But two were dinged and unavailable for this last week's game, including two starters at Safety.

    And then there are the scheduling advantages. Historically, teams playing the week after a Monday night game have an unusually poor record, especially the traveling club.

    Manning won and there is no question the Colts are the best club this week. All hail Manning's win !!

    I wouldn't give a plug nickel though for their chances to win the Super bowl or even get there though. The 2006-7 Colts have the distinct aroma of the 2001 Rams. Great offense and no defense. But those Rams could at least run and make SOME PRETENSE of having a Defense; these Colts have neither. Maybe the Patriots history withthe 2001 Rams will repeat. Recall taht they lost to the Rams by a single score in the regualr season due to turnovers; (remember Antowain's goaline fumble???) and then beat them in the playoffs.
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    You may be very well be true but i think the colts deserve a little more credit than that. If the pats were undefeated with that defense wouldnt we hail it a s a great achievement ?
    2 yrs back we used to win all kinda games with all kinda schedules with all kind of injuries , no we arent. Schedules are what they are..indy played on the road back to back against denver and NE. They didnt exactly play great either and left pts on the board. Do i think we can beat them ? Sure . But the final score etc is misleading. We won sooo many close games during the 21 game winning streak but we still feel good about that run ....Iam sure a lot teams are saying , if they did this and that they wouldve won....
    Even the colts have had bad injuries this yr. Stokley is isnt even playing for this highly functional offense.
    I hate the the colts as much as anyone can but credit to them , they have not lost despite all the issues they have.
    History of the rams means not much IMO. We beat the colts 6 times and lost last 2 times. All are different cases in different times.
    This is just my opinion.
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