Seahawks lose 3 straight,Then win division title....WTF?

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    What kind of a division is it when a team loses 3 games in a row in December and still clinches the division - Then the coach says to the media 'It Was Not A Game We Played Well,But Lets Hand It To The Chargers,They Played Well' - And on top of that,when asked about clinching the division he adds ' Ill Take It!'

    What a loser coach he has become and look at Deion today...4 big dropped catchable balls thrown his way,most of which would have led to scores or at least a chance to score...They did have some injuries to key players earlier in the season but then again,Isn't every team missing some important players?

    That division is a joke - The Hawks should be one and done in the playoffs that they don't deserve to even sniff let alone play in,Its a shame Alexander with all of his talent may be wasting his next few years there...I think those hawks are going to be in trouble once the other crap teams below them catch up - to at least 8-8 seasons;)

    Too bad not 1 other team could have stepped up there in that division sooner..We might have had a nice mid-late teens pick next year from them.
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    this is nothing ..nfc is so mediocre that if STL loses next week and NYG loses and GB wins ,GB makes the playoffs...its cant get crazier than that..
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    It's pitiful. That pick is looking like #21 at worst, though, and if they lose next week could move into the 19-20 range depending how many teams go 9-7 without making the playoffs.
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    The sad thing is the Seahawks really should have lost atleast 2 more games, imagine the pick we would of had if that happened.
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    The Twig's 4 drops today RULED - I enjoyed every one of them.
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    I thought the playoff teams get the last 12 picks, but that is not the case. Look at the 2005 draft. Both the Vikes and Rams made the playoffs at 8-8 and the Bills, Ravens, and Jags missed the playoffs at 9-7 in the 2004 season. The Vikes and Rams had the 18 and 19th pick while the Bills, Ravens, and Jags had the 20th, 21st, and 22nd picks in the 2005 draft.

    So, if the Seahawks lose their last game, we could get a pick as low as the 16th or 17th pick in the draft. We can't get any lower because any team tied with the Seahawks who didn't get into the playoffs would pick before them. We can still get a good pick.
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    Where are all the Deion apologists who are quick with an excuse.. "at least he takes responsibility for his actions".. the Seahawks are stupid pure and simple, fail to match a dominate guard(Hutchinson) and settle for a so called great receiver who is still adjusting at week #15 to a new system. Wonder if their message boards are all warm and fuzzy of his performance..
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    Right, the Seahawks would be in the 8-8 group but would pick last in it (unless there's another 8-8 playoff team) as playoff teams pick last in their group. Any 9-7 non playoff teams would pick after them.

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