Sea Bass in line to See Cash?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by borg, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    The Most underpaid players in the NFL

    The most underpaid players in the NFL | National Football Post

    "Sebastian Vollmer (OT)-New England Patriots: Vollmer has only given up one sack in eight games this season. If the 2009 fourth-round pick continues his strong play, he should contend for All-Pro honors and earn his first trip to the Pro Bowl. Vollmer was limited to six games last season because of back and foot problems after being named second team All-Pro in 2010. He is making $675,000 this season in the final year of his four-year rookie contract. Given that upper echelon offensive tackles typically make more than upper echelon offensive guards, teammate Logan Mankins’ deal ($8.5 million per year, $30 million in guarantees, $30.5 million over the first three years), which makes him the NFL’s second highest paid guard, should serve as the floor for Vollmer’s new contract. The Patriots also have the option using their franchise tag on Vollmer, which is projected to be $9.278 million for offensive linemen."

    Can NE pay both Welker and Volmer in 2013? Max contracts for Brady, Mankins, Welker, Volmer???.....premium contracts for Gronk and AHern......Significant money for Lloyd.
    Can the NE O roster get more top heavy than it already is? Welker vs Volmer...Volmer vs Welker........vying for the same $$$$?
  2. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    Can afford both. Mankins is the only other OL making anything. Welker's hit could actually go down for a year or two allowing it to happen. If Wes signed 3/24, you could give him 12m bonus, then 4, 4, 4. Cap hit is 8m. He might look elsewhere. Doubt he gets 10m anywhere. Not sure he'd leave over 1m per year. His cap hit is something like 9.5 this year so it would actually go down. Even if you made it 3/27 it goes down a little. Vollmer's contract will be longer so the signing bonus can be spread out. You can make the larger yearly hit come after the cap goes up a little.

    The cap won't prevent us from signing these guys. Pats can point to injury possibilities as a reason for not signing them. But, not the cap.
  3. Finnishfan

    Finnishfan Practice Squad Player

    They should be able to afford both, becouse they lose a lot of dead money next year.

    Matt Light, TBC, Bodden and Ty Warren combine for over 10M$ dead money this year which would have been a contract year for all of them.

    Too bad we still have to carry 2,5M$ with Fanene and 1,5M$ with Ocho to 2013, otherwise our dead money would propably be at all time lowest.
  4. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    ~31m in free cap space + Brady can always restructure his massive cap hit next year and add an extra year or 2 onto his current deal.

    Plenty of room to keep whoever Bill wants to keep.
  5. resdubwhite

    resdubwhite In the Starting Line-Up

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    given his injury history. Do we honestly see Seabass getting 8 per year?
  6. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Do any RTs in the league make 8 per?
  7. RodThePat

    RodThePat In the Starting Line-Up

    I'd expect him to get about 6 million a year at most.
  8. jays52

    jays52 In the Starting Line-Up

    #91 Jersey

    The issue is that he is plenty fast to play the left side. Other teams know it and I'm sure his management knows it. Great player. Hopefully they retain him.
  9. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

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  10. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    I doubt that will be enough to get it done. Vollmer was an All Pro, and he also played effectively at LT. I'm sure his agent will argue that he can't be considered strictly a RT from a market perspective - and that's probably correct.

    It's also worth watching what happens with Minnesota and RT Philip Loadholt, taken 4 picks before Vollmer in the 2009 draft. Loadholt is a pure RT, but a very good one - not quite as good as Vollmer IMHO, but still very good. The Vikings are over $8M under the cap and are reportedly interested in extending him. Any deal would likely set a floor for Vollmer.
  11. patman52

    patman52 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I expect him to get around 5 years 32 mill with a two stage bonus, maybe 8 up front and another 5 in the 3rd year. The pats will pay him premium RT money buy will try to protect them selves from the back.
  12. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    If that's all it takes, then sign him up for another 5 years! Vollmer's been the Pats best RT in a long time. When healthy. I don't see why the Pats wouldn't give him say 30/5 with say a 8.5m bonus?
  13. Calciumee

    Calciumee Supporter Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    I am the only one who noticed that they list him as a 4th round pick? He was a second! :D
  14. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    He was a "reach" too remember :D
  15. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Apparently the Cowboys RT Doug Free does, but he was signed to be a franchise LT. Found this article interesting. The problem remains that owners did nothing to delineate roles or value at the position when they had the chance to during CBA negotiations. Unlike DL roles OL roles are not seperated for tag purposes. The franchise tag for OL this season was $9.4M... Would make it hard to tag Seabass, which otherwise given his injury history might have been a wise stop gap. Next best option would be to get an extension done with him late this season that both allows for additional amortization and hopefully includes some incentivization/option bonus language based on snaps. Can't see him approaching $8M for lots of reasons, not the least of which is they gave that to Mankins and before you know it (after next season) our LT for a decade will be up for an extension that may come close to double digits. A $30M OL would be a tough roster workaround. And we seem to do OK at the position via draft.

    Maybe Jason could weigh in on the going rate for RT's. This article had the top 10 averaging $5M. So maybe based on that you're looking to work him into the $6M+ AAV new money range, again on an extension you get done this season with some protection for the player but some insurance for the team cap wise.

    Bob's Blog - Live from Lewisville: Is Doug Free Being Paid Too Much To Play Right Tackle?
  16. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    Volmer possesses big time leverage.

    1) His replacement is Marcus Cannon.....need I say more.
    2) He's Pro Bowl good and likely seen as a LT candidate for multiple LT needy teams
    3) He's a Patriot ....(A) Dante trained which has value (B) Addition by the buyer/hurt the Patriots.

    Look at the contracts some of the crappy teams in the league are throwing at FAs. There's huge money out there that has to be spent either on their own players or FAs.

    It wasn't too long ago that the Pats were very tight handing out large contracts. Now everyone gets one. Just shows you how much money is available throughout the league. Volmer is GETTING who??? TBD
  17. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Might be too much in total $ but the bonus lines up with what RT Eric Winston got in FA. Rotoworld says he got a four-year, $22 million contract. The deal contains $8.4 million in bonus money. 2012: $900,000, 2013: $4.9 million, 2014-2015: $3.9 million.

    Sea Bass should get less than that b/c he hasn't proven to be as durable, IMO.
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  18. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    It's a little more complex than that: after the 2013 season, the Pats have to decide if they want to pick up a fifth-year option on Solder for 2015. That doesn't preclude them from extending him earlier, though.
  19. Patriot Missile

    Patriot Missile Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #12 Jersey

    This is one of those possible signings that bother me. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Right Tackles grow on trees. Just not the caliber of Vollmer and not ones who can also play left tackle at a high level as well. IMO you just don't let him get away regardless of the injury history. You sign him and just hope he plays 19 games a year for the next 4 or 5 seasons.

    Back issues are no joke, meanwhile they did their homework on Gronk and that worked out "ok". I'm sure they got the medical info on SeaBass to know if the signing will be worth it.
  20. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    Do you really think Volmer's agent is likely to negotiate for RT money?
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