Scouts Inc named Tom Brady amongst top 5 toughest

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by primetime, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Scouts, Inc. did a feature on ESPN insider on the 5 toughest players in the league. They aren't numbered, but Tom Brady is the first one mentioned (along with Derrick Brooks, Byron Leftwich, Hines Ward, and Walter Jones).

    "Tom Brady
    We all know about Brady's postseason brilliance, but a true testament to his toughness was his performance last season. He probably had the best season of his career, despite losing his starting left tackle and center for almost the entire year. The Patriots also had multiple injuries at running back and wide receiver, and Brady played hurt for much of 2005 as well. He not only orchestrated the offense and called audibles, but helped make the offensive line calls. Brady makes every player on New England's roster better and is a vocal leader. No quarterback in the league is more competitive or fearless in the pocket; Brady will step into throws with total disregard for his body, despite facing a heavy pass rush. Praising Brady can get redundant, but he is truly special and the best (and maybe the toughest) player in the league."

    Nothing we didn't already know, but interesting nonetheless.
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  2. MooseKnuckles

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    To think that assesment is so dead on is scary. I wonder if we all do appreciate what we have with this guy .. Ortiz & Brady , come on .. these were nobody type guys who hit it as big as you possible can in New England. We're lucky
  3. Ichiro

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    Funny, I don't think Brady is the toughest guy on his own team. There is no doubt in my mind that the toughest guy to ever put on a Patriots uniform is Rodney Harrison.
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  4. D-cleater

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    Brady is the toughest man on the team because he takes it upon himself to be a leader. What's not mentioned in the above quote is that he put up his best year statistically with a sports hernia. He took us to the SB and won it with a bad shoulder.

    You should read up on some of the older players as well, like Steve Grogan, John Hannah, Steve Nelson....
  5. Chevy

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    I'd nominate Steve Grogan. Here's a guy that would get clobbered by a DL only to grab his facemask and trash talk. He took a beating (mainly because he couldn't throw well but could run) and never backed down.
  6. jaychamp

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    He even played with a neck brace :D

    I'm a Pats fan by default, but Grogan is the one that really made me love them.
  7. upstater1

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    I also agree that the other players mentioned are very tough, although I might stick Steve McNair in there ahead of Leftwich.
  8. mikey

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    I don't know how you can put Ortiz and Brady in the same sentence.

    Brady (almost) single-handedly transformed a laughing-stock into a $1.2 Billion business empire, made Bob Kraft one of the richest men in the world, and escorted Belichick into the Hall of Fame.

  9. Ichiro

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    Bro, I've seen these guys play. I love Hannah and Nelson.
    I think Brady brings a lot of leadership to the team. But part of me can never except the QB as tte toughest, even if its warranted, as in this case.They just don't go throught the contact on every play.

    Harrison brings a certain passion that just rubs off on all the players. No one I've ever seen has done this to a Patriots team quite like Harrison.
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  10. jaychamp

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    Brady is unreal, and he was the missing piece, but I'd hardly call it even close to single handedly. Football more than any other sport is a team sport, which makes it so great.

    Without Ortiz, the Sox don't win a WS after 86 years and let people die in piece(and we don't see that hilarious MasterCard commercial w/Denis Leary). Without Brady, the Pats win no SB's. They are both the most important players of their respective teams, and are absolutely both clutch. I think they deserve to be in the same sentence.

    Speaking of tough QB's. What about Stan "The Man" Humphries? That guy was tough as nails, and ugly too.
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  11. primetime

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    A whole season with a neck brace, almost, and he wasn't afraid to run with a bad neck and bum knees.

    Brady is incredibly tough and shrugs off the hardest hits in the league. McNair and Favre (even though he's awful) should be up there, too.
  12. Keegs

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    Do you have the link for it?
  13. Kdo5

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    Mmm...Tom Brady didnt necesarily "make Belichick a HOF'er". Brady is awesome but without Belichick we'd be a a wildcard contender at best.
  14. Ichiro

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    I know. I think Harrison has that over Brady.
    I love Tom Brady. But Harrison brings so much leadership and confidence. His physical play just demonstrates that even more, something that Brady can never do, because of his position.

    I think if you ask most people who played football, they would hardly ever name a QB as the toughest guy. Inside toughness, outside, wherever.
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  15. mikey

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    50 years from now, nobody will know who is David Ortiz.

  16. Kdo5

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    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa...............sure they wont.
  17. DarrylS

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    To compare Grogan and Nelson to Brady is difficult, while I like them all, after last Saturday's game felt that we are really watching a truly great QB who is driven by last years shortcomings. Toughness is difficult to define, but if they are referring to inner strength I have to go with Brady, not sure if I have ever seen such a driven athlete.
  18. Joker

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    Last year??? One mistake....what about Faulk and Brown and...oh...why bother...I gave up in the Carolina Super Bowl and Brady came back THREE times...Harrison and half the D went out with injuries...Delhomme threw the ball up in that second half, Brady took Carolina APART...we lost in Denver because of MISTAKES...Brady's mistake was hardly a key...the fumbles and the lousy call with Watson turned that game...we DOMINATED that game defensively.'''I didn't really like our chances last year but this year...well ..Brady..the RB's..the look around...we look pretty strong
  19. Drewwho

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    Do you watch football? I would dare any of us to play QB for even one play. You have 300lb men with one objective...TO KILL YOU-meantime, you are completely vunerable to their crushing blow. You are looking down the field with arms up in a thowing position and get slammed to the ground on your blindside.

    ALL the other players on the team (with exception to WR's waiting for the pass to come their way if said QB puts them in a bad position)have their arms up and ready for the tackle. And, yes, that includes Rodney Harrison.

    That is why Brady is so a QB, he does not care at all for his own safety, just getting that ball down the field.

    Go back into the Michigan archives and read quotes from his then head coach Carr. He said that this is why they kept Brady around his first two years. He and his scouts were amazed at his concentration and poise in the pocket. Carr said he would get hit time after time and just take it and get up each time. With his skinnier body type at the time, Carr was even more amazed. Brady is not exactly thick like a Culpepper or even a Farve.

    ...and yeah, I do think we take Brady for granted. Some fans just have no idea what they are observing week after week. This is another Larry Bird folks. Havn't we learned this type of special player does not come around too often?
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  20. Joker

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    Brady moves in the pocket...a skill that seperates the good from the great...otherwise Drewpy would STILL be our QB

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