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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Metaphors, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Metaphors

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    Since the 3rd preseason games gives the starters the most time on the field, it is a good chance to see how the 2010 opponents are doing. I propose we mobilize the Patsfans scouts to analyze next week's preseason games and give a readout on each of the Pats opponents. If we do one a day, that would get us up to the opener.

    So if you think this is a good idea, please post in this thread with the opponent you want to scout based on their 3rd preseason game. Can have multiple scouts (in fact that would be ideal), but first one in gets to start the thread. No set format so you can explore whatever you want...strengths, weaknesses, key players, how the Pats should gameplan them, injuries, etc.

    Please only sign up for a team if you are able to focus on the game (hopefully recording it) and go over at least the first half. Here is the schedule we can use:

    08/30 - Bengals (8/28 vs. Bills)
    08/31 - Jets (8/27 vs. Redskins)
    09/01 - Bills (8/28 vs. Bengals)
    09/02 - Dolphins (8/27 vs. Falcons)
    09/03 - Ravens (8/28 vs. Giants)
    09/04 - Chargers (8/27 vs. Saints)
    09/05 - Vikings (8/28 vs. Seahawks)
    09/06 - Browns (8/28 vs. Lions)
    09/07 - Steelers (8/29 vs. Broncos)
    09/08 - Colts (8/26 vs. Packers)
    09/09 - Lions (8/28 vs. Browns)
    09/10 - Bears (8/28 vs. Cardinals)
    09/11 - Packers (8/26 vs. Colts)

    For the games that involve 2 opponents (Bengals vs. Bills, Browns vs. Lions, Colts vs. Packers), you can scout both teams but please create a separate thread for each on the date.

    I'll lead off with the Bengals (and the Bills if nobody else wants them). Threads are due the morning of the date indicated. You can obviously do the scouting whenever you want, just hold off posting until the due date to give each opponent a full day.

    Not sure if this idea will catch on, but I always found the mock draft threads pretty entertaining so I know we have plenty of budding scouts among us.
  2. Patspsycho

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    The problem is that there is nothing worthwhile to scout in preseason, what with all the vanilla O/D and limited snaps for first string personnel.

    I'm aware that there are pro scouts at all those games but they are usually looking for potential castoffs.

    But I think that this is a great idea for the regular season. We could have one poster volunteer to scout each opponent, each coming week.

    I'll take the Jets in week 2, so that I can scout them in week 1. :D
  3. eagle eye

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    #85 Jersey

    No way man. You have to go last and if we get to the playoffs then you can do every game. If you go in week 2 then everything goes downhill from there on. Most of us would not be able to follow you.:D
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