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Scouting the Colts' Defense

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFans.com Article, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Scouting the Colts' Defense
    By: John Morgan

    The Colts have some familiar quality names on defense; do they have enough talent to hold the NFL's top offense in check enough to win on Sunday?...

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    Indianapolis Colts Defense
    Points Per Game: 22.3 (tied with Pats for 15th)
    Yards Per Game: 351 (18th)
    Rushing Yards Per Game: 120 (22nd)
    Yards Per Carry: 4.7 (29th)
    Passing Yards Per Game: 23 (15th)
    Yards Per Pass Attempt: 7.4 (21st)
    Opponent Passer Rating: 96.5 (27th)
    Interceptions: 4 (31st)
    Sacks: 21 (14th)

    It looks a lot like the Patriots get a chance to play against their own defense. The Colts and the Patriots have made every QB they've faced look like Drew Brees with a 97 passer rating. Brady ought to have a good day if the offensive line can hold its own without Mankins and Connolly.

    The major area of concern is the pass rush. Besides that the Colts stink against the running game and best of all they give up big chunks per pass attempt. They are not the Patriots in that regard, but they haven't faced Brady and his band of Questionable receivers.

    The Colts haven't played a quality team since the beginning of October when they beat the Packers - at home. The more closely I look at the Colts, the less I think of them. They have some key players but lots of second-level talent and castoffs that can be exploited.

    If Wes Welker's ankle is not right, I'd sit him against this defense and fatten him up for Thanksgiving in the big city. Against the Colts secondary, this is a great spot for Lloyd to have a breakout game.

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