Scott Pioli on Sirius Radio this week

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Russyracuse, Mar 31, 2007.

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    This is my first post. I have been on this site for years and it gives me the best up to date inof on the Pats.

    With that said I would definitely recommend people checking out Scott Pioli's
    interview on Sirius radio. Just go to and go to the NFL section. Scroll down and you will see a link to his interview.

    To everyone who beleives Pioli and Belichick are not hear for the long haul please listen. This interview should be very encouraging to all Pats fans. Reiss alos mentions it in his blog.


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  3. MrTibbs

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    Great first post!

    I especially love his quote on the timing - this is not a change in philosophy, but a change in timing.

    He's right about one thing, at least the timing in the players NE went after was just fine and dandy. Somehow other people waded in early and ended up paying 7M/APY for guards.


    I never thought too highly of the "one last run" talk here. I think it's due to BB's contract not being locked in long term... at any rate, for whatever reason, SP thinks it's a good idea to make us all think we're looking at years and years of the same guys at the top.

    I hope it's because it's true!

  5. Denism

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    Gotta Love this Line::D

  6. DaBruinz

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    While Denism's line from the interview is good, this one is the most telling IMHO:

  7. LloydBraun

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    I think BB and Pioli realize what they have here. With Brady at QB, they have a chance to be top 2 or 3 Super Bowl contenders for at least 5 more years. Such an accomplishment could create quite a legacy in the NFL for both men.

    Thus, with the quality starters, quality depth and yearly bounty of draft picks, this team IS set to be a top contender for years to come.
  8. PatsWickedPissah

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    "Someone asked me a couple weeks ago if we were making one last run, trying to win it. To me, it’s amazing, because we’re not building for just the 2007 season, we’re building for ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12"

    How soon before the Globe has an article about Pioli's plans to quit by 2013?
  9. Denism

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    Agree DaBruinz, Thats a good line too. Hope they dont leave for a long time. But am i right in saying that BB only has 1 year left on his Contract?
  10. fgssand

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    You could be right, but most likely you are wrong. Did you not hear what Scott had to say?? Did that sound like a duo with a year to go or rather, many more years before they move on??

    Very few people know (Pioli, the Krafts, Bill) and those that do are not talking.
  11. Denism

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    Ya, i agree fgssand. I dont doubt that they're staying, Its just that i'd be more comfortable knowing that he's signed to a long term deal.

    Both guys Love it at NE so i'd agree that it sounds like they're going nowhere:D
  12. spacecrime

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    Felger's typing as we read: "End of a dynasty? Tension beween Pioli and Belichick? Scot Pioli refuses to commit beyond a certain point. Is already talking about time he will no longer be with the Pats. Stay tuned for more."
  13. Ford Prefect

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    We'll have to wait about a month. You remember, Rong Forges was suspended:cool: .
  14. psychoPat

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    Many thanks, Russyr, for the heads-up
    ... and pats1 for the transcript !

    This powerful utterance alters my sig.
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    Was anybody else disappointed with this interview? Usually Kirwan and Ryan's show is by far the most enlightening on Sirius channel 124. They only spend nine minutes with him and half of it seems like they're just goofing around. Kirwan is asking a GM about his personal bench press? WTF. Tim Ryan the Meathead asks a very general question about the offseason and then his next question is "What do you think about JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn?" :rolleyes: I realize they weren't prepared as they got him to do the interview on the spot, but that was quite a letdown.

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