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  1. jmt57

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    GM Scott Pioli Talks Chiefs Football by KCTV Channel 5 in Kansas City

    Pioli talks about his relationship with Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells among other things during the first four+ minutes of this video.


    With Bill and Bill, they're unique relationships. Parcells, Belichick...Parcells is my father-in-law, friend and we work in the same business so it's a unique relationship. When it became a father-in-law, son-in-law relationship it changed. But it changed for the better. So we talk quite often. He still wants me to succeed."

    "With Belichick, we stay in touch. The important relationships in this business transcend what you do on the field. It's like players and coaches. There's relationships; with Belichick we worked together for 17 years and we were friends prior to that."

    "They're good advisers. They've seen and been in this game their entire lives. I'm starting to get older, I'm 44, but they've been in the game longer and seen more than me. It's good to bounce things off people like that."

    "You know Thomas Dimitroff, who worked under me, was a GM before I was a GM. He and I stay in touch and we advise each other. There's Jeff Ireland with the Dolphins. There's a lot of close relationships where we can draw information on a lot of things. And sometimes they're just good sounding boards."
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    Great find.
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    I have the feeling that the long term outlook for the Chiefs is very good. I love their offseason moves, getting a promising (I won't call him franchise just yet) young QB in Cassel, a solid vet WR in Bobby Engram, and veteran, system-ready defenders in Vrabel, Zach Thomas, Mike Brown and Travis Daniels. Investing most of their draft into 3-4 defensive linemen was a can't lose move too.

    I don't think any Chiefs fan should expect more than 6-7 wins this year, but with another year under the young team's belt and another solid offseason they could be ready to contend for a division title in 2010.
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    I agree. The interview obvioulsy kept on going after the clip we saw. I'd love to see the ENTIRE feature. Scott really looked relaxed and was pretty open I thought.
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