Scott Brown Sworn In Early

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Leave No Doubt, Feb 4, 2010.

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    At his behest, he's anxious to get to work and wants to analyze some bills and get in on the vote.

    In his press conference he said it's all about what's going to be best for the people of Mass, he said MA hasn't created a single job yet. We've retained jobs but haven't even begun to address the remaining unemployed. He said he wants a long look at the Jobs bill in terms of how it affects MA.

    He addressed healthcare, saying the people of MA don't want to pay anything additional to the healthcare we're already subsidizing but he's definitely for being able to offer BASIC healthcare for everybody.

    Politicians who'd worked with him prior to this had said Scott Brown's very much his own man and that he's definitely a presence. He gave a great pc, if it comes online I'll post it.
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    #12 Jersey

    As my birthday is Feb 4th this was a great birthday present. So long Camelot! :D And special thanks to Ted Kennedy for changing the laws that made this all possible.

    Worst birthday ever, Peyton Manning winning his only Super Bowl :(
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    Right now he looks more like a Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe type of Republican.. although this looks earth shattering, in reality he is a freshman senator in a minority party.. will see what committtees he is put on and how he will react to the influence of his party and most important of all how he reacts to K St... and it cash.

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