Schefter- Was Patriots' 'no' vote a sign of cheating to come?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 14, 2007.

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    Belichick did address his vote in his press conference yesterday. From Mike Reiss' blog:

    The Pats rotate a lot of guys in and out. If they only allow one player on defense to have a radio at a time, the Pats might be limited in some of their defensive packages. My guess is that the rule under vote wasn't thought out enough.
  3. DarrylS

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    This guy is becoming another media hog, running with everything.. not thinking it out.. he needs to find something else to focus on.
  4. ClevTrev

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    Man, I'm hearing some wild stuff this morning on all the sports news channels. Speculation about headset tampering, frequency jamming, and wired offensive linemen. It's gone pearshaped at this point and people have become insane.

    Unfortunately, all that's needed is a crack of doubt and the conspiracy paranoids will come out of the woodwork with any number of fantasies. Unfortunately as well, these stories develop legs and are passed among the media like folklore where many that have no basis in fact are then re-told to the point where they become urban legends and are perceived as the truth. This is a dangerous dynamic, as we are going to be hearing a lot of fantastic stuff over the next few days. There are even rumors that the NFL is investigating all these other charges in an internal manner and is prepared to dole out more punishment.

    My take? I believe the NFL will keep a close watch on all teams, but the stories about top-secret internal investigations is just another media orgasm by those conspiracy theorists. Goodell is done with his punishment of the Patriots.
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    I love this !! Granted everything else about this issue really bums me out. But all these players, coaches, reporters questioning the Pat's successes, two words !! " TAKLIN FUEL " Pats have some serious TAKLIN FUEL to draw on now !!!
  6. PonyExpress

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    This 'Schefter" midget is a ventriloquist's dummy for the competition committee. Enough editorializing, @-hole. This holier than thou schtick from a gaggle of cheaters is growing more than tiresome. Investigate the investigators, and you will find enough dirt to to plant a football field.
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    You just saved me from writing the same exact thing. The pats rotate more guys in and out than most teams (ray lewis never leaves the game) so it affects them more
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    BB considers it a competitive advantage that he has smart, well coached players on the field that can think for themselves.

    Put a radio in a defensive player's helmet, and that advantage goes away. Now the coach on the sideline can do the thinking for our competition.

    Seems real obvious to me why the Pats voted no on this one.
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