Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BradyisGod, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    Nothing at stake for the Sox....

    Except a pennant.
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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    A pretty balanced analysis by a someone who prefers the Sox. He made several salient points. Non-play-off baseball can get awfully tedious with 3-4 hour games. But his best line was, "The Pats may lose, but they never fold."

    I love both teams with a passion, but would rather watch the Pats. I've become more of a negative baseball fan where a successful season is when the Yankees don't win. I'm just glad that I lived to see the Sox win it once.
  5. Richter

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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    This has been true for years, but the media in the area has a vested interest in making everyone think Boston is still a baseball town, that the Sox rule all, when it just isn't true. When I call home, or go back to visit, and the topic turns to sports, the first thing I hear about is the Pats, then the Sox, always in that order. Boston will always love the Red Sox, but they aren't the top team in town anymore.
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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    WEEI is the Sox' broadcast station and pushes baseball talk to appease advertisers. That's a big part of it.
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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    I've said this before many times, but I don't really hate the Sox as much as I hate hearing about them non freakin stop when I'm trying to enjoy the Patriots. I really hope they are one and done in the playoffs this year because last year it was so nice when they didn't make it and I only had to hear about them until November instead of the year that they won the WS I had to hear about them until February...

    That's the only thing I don't like about being a Patriots fan is sharing them with Red Sox fans.
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    Re: Schadenfreude for the Sox Haters.

    Is it still baseball season? zzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Just as you have to eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty's day in Southie, kids in metro Boston are taught that the Sox are as equally important as breathing.

    It's part of the culture. Like going to church on Sunday. Your parents made you go, their parents before them made them go......etc...etc.

    The fact of the matter is the Sox are a very boring and unlikeable team of guys as a whole. There are a few individual players that are likeable, but for the most part, the team lacks character.

    This year, when they get tossed out of the 1st round of the playoffs, they will be quickly forgotten by most.

    The intrigue of this years Pats team is greater than EVER in its history.

    They HAVE THE POTENTIAL to be the greatest team in NFL history, surpassing the 86' Bears and posssibly the 72' Dolphins. Can ANYTHING the Red Sox have accomplished rival that?

    Plus they are a completely likeable group of players. Smart, hard-working, loyal to the team, unbelievably fun to watch and they never give up.

    I DO begrudge the whole Red Sox first mentality in this area because what we have in this football team is something 99% of the country would die to have.

    Here they will always play second fiddle to the Sox.

    I like the Sox, but I fear this area will miss out on something truly special because they can't take the generational blinders off their faces.
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    Who cares of Red Sox...
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    "Reason number everything" why I love the Patriots:

    Guaranteed contracts or not, do you think Manny Ramirez or J.D. Drew would last 5 minutes under Belichick?
  12. Richter

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    As the TV ratings (and common sense) prove, this just isn't true anymore. People aren't missing this team, even when they're blowing out an overrated Chargers squad, and the Sox are fighting for the division against their biggest rivals and the team everyone loves to hate. Only in the media do the Pats play second fiddle to the Sox anymore, and that's only because it means more money in their pockets if the Sox are on top.

    And I agree with the previous folks that say this Sox team is unlikable. I don't consider myself a Sox fan anymore, since they've basically turned into the Yankees, Boston edition, but I've kept an eye on them, and they just seem to have no draw to them.
  13. patsgo

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    the two biggest media outlets in town weei and the globe promote the red sox to no end, the numbers speak for themselves. football is number one in this country and the patriots are number 1 in this region

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