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Scenario writer in Yoklohama Prosecutor office.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by goodwork, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Nov 1, 2007
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    S.Y Prosecutor in Yokohama district prosecutor office(JAPAN)
    Imitated famous scenario in her deposition at 28,May.2003.

    We never heard anything like scandal in the history if Criminal
    Procedure Act because the part of the depositions shows that
    The case was a simple sham and her coercion to the weak.
    But, Yokohama district prosecutor office have been ignored many
    criticism about this shameful corruption and left her vicious conducts.
    “La Rose de Versaille(Lady Oscar)” is the famous comic books by
    Riyoko Ikeda, came into fashion in 1970 in Japan. Takarazuka
    female opera company( in takarazuka near Kobe, JAPAN) remaked this
    stories to famous scenario. “La Rose de Versaille(Lady Oscar)” is the
    fiction story of the female knight “Lady Oscar” in france revolution.
    “La Rose de Versaille(Lady Oscar)” has had long
    run till now. Most Japanese young woman familiar with this scenario as

    “La Rose de Versaille(Lady Oscar)”

    S.Yamamoto is a female prosecutor come from Ch##### city,
    Kanagawa Prefecture and she achieved great award for good scenario in
    her high school days. She is the semi-proffesional at scenario.

    There is the part of the depositions excites public suspicion.

    “Say “I give up drinking alcohol throughout my life! ””
    “Swear that I do not drink alcohol forever!”

    My husband roared with anger.
    At that time, I suffered from abdominal pain because he
    held my berry steady and I feel pain at my upper arms
    where he grasped tightly by his fingers.
    But, I could not resist no longer.
    Therefore, I ansrewed him,

    “I never drink alcohol.”
    “I swear that I do not drink alcohol.”

    He must be satisfied with this pledges,
    and released his hands from me, and leaved my room.
    Suddenly I felt severe fatigue, felt digusting,
    and I really think that I would jump down to 1st floor,
    and I went out into the porch.
    There was a patrole car under my porch, I thought
    So, there is my child.
    First, I need rescue!
    I screamed in a loud voice,

    Threre is the part of scenario of
    “La Rose de Versaille” scene 14 the room of Oscar.

    Oscar “Compared with the great cogwheels of history, I am nothing itself.”
    Andre “Oscar….”
    Oscar “Don’t you still love me? Could you swear that
    You love ONLY ME through out your life?”

    Andre “Do you want thousands of pledges or ten thousands?
    Do I swear again eternal love on my life? I love you! I love you, of course!“

    Prosecutor S.Y ’s case have been appealed new trial for forth times.
    Prosecutor S.Y given a priority her scenario work to real justice.
    If you falsely arrested in JAPAN, you cannot prove your innocence in Court
    with such a prosecutor. Because you could not testify about prosecutor’s own scenario.
    Prosecutor S.Y’ s depositions arise from the fact that most accused
    Could not get depositions nor the sentence papers.
    This is serious problem in JAPAN.

     This false alligation well known in nursse,doctor and co-medical.
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    Oh Jesus Christ

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